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Real Talk: Leger Douzable

Smile. Summer. Swag. A Dose of Douz Summed Up in 10 Answers.


I had the chance to catch up with Leger Douzable in the locker room after practice because he's so much more than just an eighth-year defensive lineman with a sick sack dance.

Summer or Winter?



Dogs or Cats?


Smile or Game Face?


Looks like not much has changed...

Crushed Ice or Cubed Ice?


Dress Up or Dress Down?

"Dress up. Swag."


Comedy or Drama?



The Ability to Run 100 MPH or Fly 10 MPH?

"Fly! It's not even close."

FIFA or Madden?

"FIFA. All day every day. It's the only game I play."


Jordan or LeBron?


...I'm 29 years old."

Now how about Leger or Brandon?

That depends on who you ask.

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