Real Football Scouting Report: The Quarterbacks


Real Football Scouting Report: The Quarterbacks

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Chad Pennington:While critics have always accused Pennington of a lack of arm strength, he can make all the necessary throws and has great touch on the ball.  He is extremely accurate, throws a very catchable pass, and hits receivers in stride, giving them a chance to make plays after the catch.  He possesses outstanding intangibles.  Pennington is extremely bright with a strong work ethic; a student of the game who possesses a complete grasp of the intricacies of the NFL game.  When healthy, he is a natural leader who makes every player around him better.

Patrick Ramsey: Ramsey has a strong arm and is more athletic than he is given credit for.  He has above average speed and the quickness to escape pressure, and make plays with his feet.  However, he has learned to remain poised in the pocket, and will go through his progressions, even with pressure in his face, before pulling the ball down to run.  He is very accurate in the short to intermediate passing game and can find his receiver in tight spaces.

Brooks Bollinger: Bollinger proved his worth as a quarterback in 2005.  He is accurate and throws a catchable ball.  Though he has good scrambling ability and can be elusive as a runner, he has a quick release and is not afraid to stand in and wait for his receiver to come free.  Bollinger is tough, competitive, and smart.

Kellen Clemens: Clemens shows good awareness in the pocket and has a quick release.  He is at his best when throwing on the run, and is elusive with the ball in his hands.  The former Oregon Duck needs to improve his mechanics and arm strength, but he is very accurate on short and intermediate throws.  Clemens has natural leadership qualities, is tough and competitive.

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