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Real Football Scouting Report: The Outside Linebackers


Real Football Scouting Report: The Outside Linebackers

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Victor Hobson is not extremely athletic or fast, but he possesses good size, is strong, smart, and tough, and those characteristics could be enough to earn him a starting spot in the Jets new 3-4 defense.  He is a very good run defender and will hold his ground at the point of attack.  He is a strong tackler and has enough ability in coverage to defend on short to intermediate routes.  He has good football instincts and is a disciplined player.

Bryan Thomas is a much improved player who is athletic enough to play the OLB position in the 3-4.  He now has improved strength and a long wingspan that helps him maintain position at the point of attack.  He has become more disciplined against the run and can keep blockers off his body when run at.  Thomas has always had good quickness off the line and made plays on the QB with his speed, but can also be a power rusher who can occasionally beat offensive tackles to the inside.

Matt Chatham
Chatham has an excellent combination of size and speed and has a great motor.  His speed gives him great range as a defender and allows him to make plays all over the field.  He is a terrific tackler in the open field, takes good angles to the ball and knows how to avoid blockers.  Chatham never gives up on a play and will chase ball carriers down from behind.  He is also an outstanding special teams player.

Jamar Enzor
Enzor is very athletic with outstanding speed and natural strength.  He has good short area quickness and explosiveness.  Enzor lacks ideal size and needs to gain experience and become more instinctive on the field, but his outstanding speed and ability to cover a lot of ground gives him a chance to compete for a role in the Jets 3-4 defense.  Enzor can also contribute on special teams.

Ryan Myers
Myers is a small school star with good size and athletic ability.  He has been an extremely productive player in NFL Europe, but has been unable to crack the Jets lineup in the fall the past two seasons.  With some game experience under his belt and the switch to the 3-4, Myers may have a better chance of finding a backup role in 2006.

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