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Real Football Scouting Report: The Defensive Ends

Shaun Ellis has the quickness to beat blockers off the snap, but also possesses the size and strength to overpower tight ends and offensive linemen. He has shown the ability to excel in either a 4-3, one-gap scheme, or as a two-gapper in a 3-4 alignment. Ellis is a sure tackler and shows great discipline in defending the run. He is not an elite pass rusher, but may be one of the most complete DE's in the NFL. He has become a leader on the field and never gives up on the play.

Kimo von Oelhoffen
The 13-year veteran has the knowledge and experience of a coach, but also has the heart and desire of a young draft choice. He is a complete DE who shows good recognition on running plays and can quickly diagnose and make plays on screens and passes in the flat. But, von Oelhoffen is also a high-motor player with good initial quickness and the ability to shoot gaps and make plays in the backfield.

Monsanto Pope
Pope has a good combination of size, strength and quickness. He has a nose for the ball and possesses good change of direction skills, especially for a big man. Though he has never played in a 3-4 scheme in the NFL, he possesses ideal size to play DE as a two-gap player, but also has the ability to penetrate gaps and get to the QB.

Trevor Johnson
Johnson's greatest asset is his speed. He uses it well in pass rush situations, and has the quickness off the snap to beat blockers and get to the QB. Johnson is a versatile player who can tackle in the open field and with some coaching has the ability to drop into coverage. He could also play some at OLB in the Jets new 3-4 defense.

Titus Adams
Adams is a solid run defender who can become a versatile lineman for the Jets. He played both DE and DT at Nebraska, has ideal size at 6-3, 303 to play DE in the 3-4, but also has the frame to add bulk and possibly make a move to DT in the future. Adams is tough, durable, and smart. He possesses good recognition skills, will seek out the ball and moves well laterally to defend the run. Adams has the strength and smarts to make a quick adjustment to the 3-4 defense.

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