Preseason Jets-Giants@Meadowlands: '94-08

Here is Part II of the game capsules for the Jets-Giants preseason series at the Meadowlands, from 1994-2008. The attendance figures are tickets sold for each game. Players in CAPS are rookies or first-year players.

Saturday, Aug. 20, 1994 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,716)

Jack Trudeau and first-year WR Stevie Anderson connected on an 80-yard touchdown strike to tie the game, then Nick Lowery's 38-yard field goal with 16 seconds to play won it. Anderson finished with five catches for 117 yards.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSNick Lowery 23 FG
2GiantsBrad Daluiso 29 FG
2GiantsHoward Cross 5 pass from Dave Brown (Daluiso kick)
4JETSSTEVIE ANDERSON 80 pass from Jack Trudeau (Lowery kick)
4JETSLowery 38 FG

Saturday, Aug. 19, 1995 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,614)

Adrian Murrell scored his second TD of the game and Fred Baxter caught the two-point pass from Bubby Brister to give the Jets a 31-24 lead with 44 seconds to play. But the Giants replied with a bomb from Kent Graham to Omar Douglas with 22 seconds left and Keith Elias' "deuce" run for the win.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsRodney Hampton 1 run (Brad Daluiso kick)
1GiantsWillie Beamon end zone blocked punt recovery (Daluiso kick)
2JETSRon Moore 1 run (Nick Lowery kick)
2JETSLowery 31 FG
3JETSLowery 32 FG
3JETSAdrian Murrell 56 punt return (Lowery kick)
4GiantsDaluiso 20 FG
4JETSLowery 24 FG
4GiantsBRIAN SAXTON 14 pass from Kent Graham (Daluiso kick)
4JETSMurrell 1 run (Fred Baxter pass from Bubby Brister)
4GiantsOmar Douglas 80 pass from Graham (Keith Elias run)

Saturday, Aug. 17, 1996 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,803)

CB Carl Greenwood's big play provided the only touchdown of the game and the winning points in this low-scoring tilt. Greenwood stripped Giants WR Lawrence Dawsey after a reception, picked up the fumble and took it 40 yards for the score to break a 6-6 third-quarter tie.

QtrTeamScoring Play
2GiantsBrad Daluiso 21 FG
2JETSNick Lowery 27 FG
2GiantsOlindo Mare 33 FG
3JETSLowery 40 FG
4JETSCarl Greenwood 40 fumble return (Lowery kick)

Saturday, Aug. 16, 1997 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (57,432)

The third win in the 4-0 preseason under head coach Bill Parcells was fashioned on 20 unanswered second-half points. Adrian Murrell had a TD run, rookie WR Dedric Ward gathered in a 40-yard scoring pass from Glenn Foley, and rookie John Hall booted two field goals.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsBrad Daluiso 41 FG
2JETSJeff Graham 16 pass from Neil O'Donnell (JOHN HALL kick)
2GiantsTito Wooten 32 fumble return (Daluiso kick)
3GiantsChris Calloway 5 pass from Dave Brown (Daluiso kick)
3JETSAdrian Murrell 1 run (HALL kick)
4JETSDEDRIC WARD 40 pass from Glenn Foley (HALL kick)

Thursday, Aug. 20, 1998 (8:20 p.m.) — Meadowlands (78,741)

The Green & White overcame a 23-13 deficit with two big third-quarter plays in prime time. The first was Leon Johnson's punt-return TD and the second was Dedric Ward's second long scoring reception in two summers vs. the Giants, this one on an 81-yard connection with Vinny Testaverde.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSWayne Chrebet 3 pass from Glenn Foley (kick failed)
1GiantsTiki Barber 1 run (Brad Daluiso kick)
2GiantsDaluiso 33 FG
2JETSCurtis Martin 14 run (John Hall kick)
2GiantsGREG COMELLA 1 run (Daluiso kick)
3GiantsPercy Ellsworth 42 interception return (pass failed)
3JETSLeon Johnson 65 punt return (Hall kick)
3JETSDedric Ward 81 pass from Vinny Testaverde (Hall kick)

Saturday, Aug. 28, 1999 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (65,225)

Curtis Martin bolted for two first-half touchdowns, including an 80-yard gallop — the longest run of his eight Jets seasons — as the Green & White opened a 16-7 halftime lead and held on for their fourth straight win in the summer series. Martin led a 191-yard rushing effort for the winners

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSCurtis Martin 9 run (kick failed)
2JETSJohn Hall 21 FG
2GiantsJoe Jurevicius 12 pass from Kent Graham (Brad Daluiso kick)
2JETSMartin 80 run (Hall kick)
4GiantsDaluiso 46 FG

Friday, Aug. 18, 2000 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,685)

In the first Friday night game in the rivalry, the Jets prevailed again, breaking a 17-17 tie with 10 fourth-quarter points — John Hall's second field goal followed by Ray Lucas' third touchdown pass, this one to TE Jermaine Wiggins. In extended time, Lucas had an un-summer-like passing line: 19-for-26 for 286 yards.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSRichie Anderson 5 pass from Ray Lucas (John Hall kick)
1GiantsBrad Daluiso 33 FG
2JETSWayne Chrebet 52 pass from Lucas (Hall kick)
2GiantsAmani Toomer 73 pass from Kerry Collins (Daluiso kick)
2JETSHall 26 FG
3GiantsIke Hilliard 10 pass from Collins (Daluiso kick)
4JETSHall 39 FG
4JETSJermaine Wiggins 30 pass from Lucas (Hall kick)
4GiantsJoe Jurevicius 15 pass from Jason Garrett (Daluiso kick)

Saturday, Aug. 25, 2001 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,424)

Short first-half touchdowns, by Wayne Chrebet on a pass from Vinny Testaverde and by rookie LaMont Jordan on a run, and John Hall's 42-yard fourth-quarter field goal got the job done as the Green & White won the sixth straight over Big Blue in the preseason series.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSWayne Chrebet 4 pass from Vinny Testaverde (John Hall kick)
2JETSLaMONT JORDAN 1 run (Hall kick)
3GiantsRon Dayne 7 run (JOHN MARKHAM kick)
4JETSHall 42 FG
4GiantsRon Dixon 3 pass from Jason Garrett (MARKHAM kick)

Saturday, Aug. 24, 2002 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,599)

Four different players scored touchdowns and Chad Pennington threw two second-half scoring passes as the Jets opened a 28-0 lead — the largest by either team in the 32-game Meadowlands preseason history between the teams.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSRichie Anderson 16 pass from Vinny Testaverde (John Hall kick)
3JETSLaMont Jordan 1 run (Hall kick)
3JETSSantana Moss 18 pass from Chad Pennington (Hall kick)
4JETSKevin Swayne 24 pass from Pennington (Hall kick)
4GiantsDELVIN JOYCE 6 run (MATT BRYANT kick)

Saturday, Aug. 23, 2003 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,564)

Three Doug Brien field goals, followed by rookie RB Chad Brinker's short run midway through the fourth quarter, lifted the Jets past the Giants, who opened a 14-0 second-quarter lead on two Kerry Collins TD passes. Ike Hillard had an 88-yard score and 150 receiving yards on seven catches for the game.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsVISANTHE SHIANCOE 1 pass from Kerry Collins (Matt Bryant kick)
2GiantsIke Hilliard 88 pass from Collins (Mike Hollis kick)
2JETSDoug Brien 40 FG
3JETSBrien 21 FG
4JETSBrien 22 FG
4JETSCHAD BRINKER 2 run (run failed)

Friday, Aug. 27, 2004 (7 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,522)

The Jets made it nine straight over the Giants with a big second quarter. Doug Brien's field goal started it off, Chad Pennington's touchdown pass to Matt Dominguez gave them a lead they never lost, and Omare Lowe added a fumble-return TD off of John Abraham's strip sack of Giants rookie QB Eli Manning.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsRon Dayne 9 run (TODD FRANCE kick)
2JETSDoug Brien 23 FG
2JETSMatt Dominguez 15 pass from Chad Pennington (Brien kick)
2JETSOmare Lowe 27 fumble return (Brien kick)
4GiantsFRANCE 24 FG

Friday, Aug. 26, 2005 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,104)

Jay Feely, now the Jets' kicker, was the Jetslayer in this one, going 5-for-5 on his field goals, including a pair of 50-yarders in the first half and the 33-yard game-winner with 7:48 to play. The Jets took a 14-9 lead on two midgame end zone fumble recoveries, by Bryan Thomas and rookie Ryan Myers.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsJay Feely 52 FG
2GiantsFeely 21 FG
2JETSBryan Thomas end zone fumble recovery (MIKE NUGENT kick)
2GiantsFeely 54 FG
3JETSRYAN MYERS end zone fumble recovery (NUGENT kick)
3GiantsFeely 35 FG
4GiantsFeely 33 FG

Friday, Aug. 25, 2006 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,476)

Brandon Jacobs scored the game's only offensive touchdown on a 1-yard run off tackle for a 7-0 second-quarter lead the Giants never lost. Darrell McClover blocked Travis Dorsch's punt, then took the loose ball to the house for the Jets' only TD with 5:15 left.

QtrTeamScoring Play
2GiantsBrandon Jacobs 1 run (Jay Feely kick)
3GiantsFeely 39 FG
4GiantsFeely 34 FG
4JETSDarrell McClover 26 blocked punt return (Mike Nugent kick)

Friday, Aug. 25, 2007 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,778)

Third-quarter touchdown runs by rookie RB Danny Ware and QB Kellen Clemens put the Jets ahead for good. Chad Pennington's 79-yard hookup with Leon Washington on the game's first offensive play got things started. The Giants, who led, 12-6, at halftime, missed three field goals.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSLeon Washington 79 pass from Chad Pennington (kick blocked)
2GiantsSafety: Penalty on Rashad Washington in end zone
2GiantsLawrence Tynes 40 FG
2GiantsANTHONY MIX 5 pass from Eli Manning (JOSH HUSTON kick)
3JETSDANNY WARE 16 run (Mike Nugent kick)
3JETSKellen Clemens 1 run (Nugent kick)

Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008 (7 p.m.) — Meadowlands (78,060)

A pair of free-agent first-year players, QB Brett Ratliff and WR Paul Raymond, played pitch-and-catch for what proved to be the game-winning touchdown with 6:08 remaining. Ahmad Bradshaw had given the Giants a brief lead with their only TD of the game minutes earlier.

QtrTeamScoring Play
3JETSMike Nugent 24 FG
4GiantsAhmad Bradshaw 3 run (JOSH HUSTON kick)
4JETSPAUL RAYMOND 4 pass from BRETT RATLIFF (Nugent kick)

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