Preseason Jets-Giants@Meadowlands: '77-93

Here is Part I of the game capsules for the Jets-Giants preseason series at the Meadowlands, from 1977-93. The attendance figures are tickets sold for each game. Players in CAPS are rookies or first-year players.

Sunday, Sept. 4, 1977 (1 p.m.) — Meadowlands (50,483)

In the first game between the region rivals in the sparkling new stadium in the North Jersey Meadowlands, the Jets rode Pat Leahy's short first-quarter field goal into the fourth quarter. Then Richard Todd capped an eight-play, 78-yard drive with a short TD toss to TE Jerome Barkum with 10:36 left in the game.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSPat Leahy 19 FG
4JETSJerome Barkum 6 pass from Richard Todd (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 12, 1978 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (48,415)

In the sixth game of their monster seven-game summer schedule, the Jets fell behind, 20-10, before roaring back for the win on Richard Todd's 18-yard touchdown hookup with Wesley Walker with 1:24 to play. Jerome Barkum caught two TD passes from Todd and Pat Leahy kicked two field goals.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSJerome Barkum 63 pass from Richard Todd (Pat Leahy kick)
2JETSLeahy 24 FG
2GiantsJoe Danelo 40 FG
2GiantsGary Shirk 4 pass from Jerry Golsteyn (Danelo kick)
2GiantsDanelo 40 FG
3GiantsJohnny Perkins 9 pass from Golsteyn (Danelo kick)
3JETSBarkum 11 pass from Todd (Leahy kick)
4GiantsDanelo 29 FG
4JETSLeahy 26 FG
4JETSWesley Walker 18 pass from Todd (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 25, 1979 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (71,077)

The Jets evened their preseason mark at 2-2 by opening a 14-0 second-quarter lead on two Matt Robinson touchdown passes and not allowing the Giants a TD, although Joe Danelo hit a pair of 50-yard FGs.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSScott Dierking 10 pass from Matt Robinson (Pat Leahy kick)
2JETSBruce Harper 50 pass from Robinson (Leahy kick)
2GiantsJoe Danelo 51 FG
3GiantsDanelo 55 FG

Saturday, Aug. 30, 1980 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (75,492)

The Jets again climbed to 2-2 in their final preseason game as Richard Todd fired four TD passes, including a 90-yarder to first-round draft pick Lam Jones and two second-quarter strikes to RB Bruce Harper.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSJOHNNY "LAM" JONES 90 pass from Richard Todd (kick blocked)
1GiantsTom Mullady 19 pass from Phil Simms (Joe Danelo kick)
2JETSBruce Harper 9 pass from Todd (kick blocked)
2JETSHarper 8 pass from Todd (Pat Leahy kick)
3JETSLeahy 43 FG
3JETSLeahy 40 FG
3JETSMickey Shuler 30 pass from Todd (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 22, 1981 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (74,962)

The Green & White overcame deficits of 10-0 in the second quarter as Kevin Long scored on a pair of 1-yard TD plunges and Donald Dykes' INT-return TD iced the game with 1:18 ....left.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsJoe Danelo 42 FG
2GiantsEarnest Gray 37 pass from Phil Simms (Danelo kick)
2JETSScott Dierking 1 run (Pat Leahy kick)
2JETSKevin Long 1 run (pass failed)
3JETSLong 1 run (Leahy kick)
3GiantsJohnny Perkins 24 pass from Simms (Danelo kick)
4JETSFreeman McNeil 21 pass from Richard Todd (Leahy kick)
4JETSLeahy 32 FG
4GiantsDedric Brownlee 1 run (Danelo kick)
4JETSDonald Dykes 36 interception return (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 28, 1982 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,825)

The Giants ended the Jets' five-game summer win streak as Joe Danelo converted five of six field goal tries. Darrol Ray's INT-return TD and Pat Leahy's FG cut the Green & White's deficit to 12-10 in the third quarter. The Jets were held to 54 yards of offense on the night.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsJoe Danelo 40 FG
2GiantsDanelo 46 FG
2GiantsDanelo 31 FG
2GiantsDanelo 20 FG
3JETSDarrol Ray 35 interception return (Pat Leahy kick)
3JETSLeahy 20 FG
4GiantsDanelo 27 FG
4GiantsDanny Pittman 55 punt return (Danelo kick)

Sunday, Aug. 7, 1983 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (61,418)

The stadium rivals met in the preseason opener for the first time. The Jets took a 9-3 halftime lead on a Pat Ryan-to-Lam Jones scoring strike, but the Giants scored 20 unanswered points as Scott Brunner ran for one TD and passed for another.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSRuss Carpentieri 29 FG
2GiantsJoe Danelo 33 FG
2JETSJohnny "Lam" Jones 15 pass from Pat Ryan (pass failed)
3GiantsCliff Chatman 1 run (kick failed)
3GiantsScott Brunner 10 run (Danelo kick)
4GiantsDanny Pittman 27 pass from Brunner (Danelo kick)
4JETSKurt Sohn 3 pass from Ken O'Brien (Pat Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 18, 1984 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (56,179)

The Jets took a 7-0 lead on Bruce Harper's TD run but fell to 0-3 in the summer and lost their third straight to the Giants, who opened a 20-7 margin on two TE scoring catches and two Ali Haji-Sheikh field goals.

QtrTeamScoring Play
2JETSBruce Harper 5 run (Pat Leahy kick)
2GiantsZeke Mowatt 24 pass from Phil Simms (Ali Haji-Sheikh kick)
3GiantsHaji-Sheikh 46 FG
3GiantsTom Mullady 40 pass from Jeff Rutledge (Haji-Sheikh kick)
4GiantsHaji-Sheikh 42 FG
4JETSGLENN DENNISON 12 pass from Pat Ryan (Jeff Davis kick)

Saturday, Aug. 24, 1985 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (63,147)

Ken O'Brien threw two TDs as the Jets rang up 24 second-quarter points, but the Giants sent it to overtime on Lionel Manuel's TD grab and won it 5:26 into OT on Eric Schubert's FG. The Jets again fell to 0-3 to start the summer.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsZeke Mowatt 11 pass from Phil Simms (Eric Schubert kick)
1GiantsSchubert 33 FG
2JETSJoJo Townsell 11 pass from Ken O'Brien (Pat Leahy kick)
2JETSJohnny Hector 1 run (Leahy kick)
2JETSWesley Walker 38 pass from O'Brien (Leahy kick)
2GiantsByron Williams 36 pass from Simms (Eric Schubert kick)
2JETSLeahy 55 FG
3GiantsMaurice Carthon 1 run (Schubert kick)
4JETSMickey Shuler 10 pass from Pat Ryan (Leahy kick)
4GiantsLionel Manuel 11 pass from Jeff Rutledge (Schubert kick)
5GiantsSchubert 30 FG

Saturday, Aug. 23, 1986 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,809)

Rookie Mark Collins began the game with a KO-return TD, the Giants never trailed after that and the Jets lost for the fifth straight summer. The Green & White scored on three Pat Leahy FGs and a Johnny Hector run.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsMARK COLLINS 97 kickoff return (Bob Thomas kick)
1GiantsLee Rouson 1 run (Thomas kick)
1JETSPat Leahy 46 FG
2JETSLeahy 35 FG
2JETSLeahy 32 FG
3GiantsThomas 46 FG
3GiantsThomas 41 FG
4JETSJohnny Hector 1 run (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 29, 1987 (9 p.m.) — Meadowlands (76,422)

The Jets overcame a 16-3 first-half deficit with 24 unanswered points to snap their five-game losing streak in the summer series. Mickey Shuler, Kurt Sohn and Johnny Hector all scored TDs and Pat Leahy booted three field goals.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsSafety: Carl Banks tackles Freeman McNeil in end zone
1GiantsLionel Manuel 61 safety kick return (Raul Allegre kick)
1JETSPat Leahy 43 FG
2GiantsMaurice Carthon 24 pass from Phil Simms (Allegre kick)
2JETSLeahy 25 FG
2JETSMickey Shuler 40 pass from Pat Ryan (Leahy kick)
3JETSKurt Sohn 32 pass from Ken O'Brien (Leahy kick)
3JETSJohnny Hector 1 run (Leahy kick)
3GiantsSTEPHEN BAKER 12 pass from Jeff Rutledge (Allegre kick)
4JETSLeahy 31 FG

Saturday, Aug. 13, 1988 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (71,485)

The Green & White rallied but it was too little, too late in falling to Big Blue in Preseason Week 2. Kyle Mackey twice got the Jets within three points with fourth-quarter TD passes to Darryl Pearson and K.D. Dunn. This was the last time the rivals met earlier than the third preseason game.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsLionel Manuel 6 pass from Jeff Hostetler (Raul Allegre kick)
2JETSFreeman McNeil 2 run (Pat Leahy kick)
3GiantsVeno Belk 11 pass from Phil Simms (BROWNLEE kick)
4JETSDarryl Pearson 18 pass from Kyle Mackey (CHRIS O'BRIEN kick)
4GiantsPhil McConkey 26 pass from Jeff Rutledge (BROWNLEE kick)
4JETSK.D. Dunn 37 pass from Mackey (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 26, 1989 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (61,472)

For the second straight summer, Kyle Mackey threw two second-half touchdown passes but it wasn't enough to avert a narrow defeat. This time the Giants came from behind with fourth-quarter scores by RB George Adams and rookie DB A.J. Greene.

QtrTeamScoring Play
2JETSPat Leahy 49 FG
2GiantsMark Bavaro 31 pass from Phil Simms (Raul Allegre kick)
3JETSKEITH NEUBERT 18 pass from Kyle Mackey (Leahy kick)
4GiantsGeorge Adams 1 run (BJORN NITTMO kick)
4GiantsA.J. GREENE 65 interception return (Allegre kick)
4JETSMichael Harper 36 pass from Mackey (Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 25, 1990 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (60,729)

The Jets managed just a third-quarter TD pass from Tony Eason to RB A.B. Brown. Phil Simms threw a pair of second-period scoring passes for the Giants, the first to WR Mark Ingram (who four years later would drive a "fake spike" into the Jets' hearts for the Dolphins) and rookie RB Rodney Hampton.

QtrTeamScoring Play
2GiantsMark Ingram 17 pass from Phil Simms (Raul Allegre kick)
2GiantsRODNEY HAMPTON 25 pass from Simms (Allegre kick)
3GiantsAllegre 44 FG
3JETSA.B. Brown 31 pass from Tony Eason (Pat Leahy kick)

Saturday, Aug. 17, 1991 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,150)

Jeff Hostetler's TD pass to rookie FB Jarrod Bunch and keeper helped the Giants open a 10-3 lead through three quarters en route to their fourth straight win in the series. The Green & White's only TD came on a fourth-quarter run by FB Brad Baxter.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1GiantsOdessa Turner 59 pass from Phil Simms (Matt Bahr kick)
1JETSPat Leahy 46 FG
2GiantsBahr 20 FG
4GiantsJARROD BUNCH 4 pass from Jeff Hostetler (Bahr kick)
4JETSBrad Baxter 5 run (Leahy kick)
4GiantsHostetler 1 run (Bahr kick)

Saturday, Aug. 22, 1992 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (65,973)

It was the 16th time the teams held their preseason meeting at the Meadowlands, and the first time the Jets were the home team. And they celebrated by ending their four-game losing streak in the summer series by opening a 20-0 lead after three quarters. It was the Jets' fourth win in their 5-0 preseason.

QtrTeamScoring Play
2JETSRaul Allegre 42 FG
3JETSBrad Baxter 5 run (Allegre kick)
3JETSJason Staurovsky 28 FG
3JETSTerance Mathis 8 pass from Ken O'Brien (Staurovsky kick)
4GiantsChris Calloway 28 pass from Phil Simms (Matt Bahr kick)
4GiantsLewis Tillman 1 run (Bahr kick)

Saturday, Aug. 21, 1993 (8 p.m.) — Meadowlands (77,106)

Pat Chaffey's first-quarter touchdown plunge and Cary Blanchard's two second-half field goals couldn't overcome a pair of 3-yard runs for the Giants, the second by rookie FB Kenyon Rasheed, along with rookie Todd Peterson's PAT, securing the one-point win with 24 seconds on the clock.

QtrTeamScoring Play
1JETSPat Chaffey 1 run (Cary Blanchard kick)
2GiantsRodney Hampton 3 run (TODD PETERSON kick)
3JETSBlanchard 47 FG
4JETSBlanchard 21 FG

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