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Power Rankings Week 9


Sports Illustrated
*Chris Burke
*Jets No. 25
Last week: No. 26
Given that the Jets required an “explicit” Todd Bowles pep talk to rally from a double-digit deficit against the Browns, can we go ahead and mic up Bowles for, say, the Patriots game on Nov. 27? If he had to drop a flurry of F-bombs to push his team past Cleveland, he's going to need unleash hellfire of the damned to pick up any wins against legitimate contenders.​

CBS Sports
*Pete Prisco
*Jets No. 26
Last week: 26
Winning on the road against the Browns wasn't easy, but nothing is with this team. Now comes a division game at Miami against the Dolphins.

Jets No. 27
Last week: 28
Through this point last season, Ryan Fitzpatrick had 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Those numbers are basically flipped this season (seven TDs, 11 INTs), and Fitzpatrick has already been benched once. The Jets have a lot of work to do if they want to reach the top 10 in these Power Rankings again.

Yahoo Sports
*Frank Schwab
*Jets No. 28
Last week: No. 27
Ryan Fitzpatrick first half vs. Cleveland: 3 of 14, 30 yards. Ryan Fitzpatrick second half: 13 of 20, 198 yards. Because that makes sense.

Bleacher Report
*Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst *
Jets No. 28
Last week: No. 29
They're teetering on the edge of a season-ending cliff. But the New York Jets haven't fallen off it yet. Their 2016 campaign is still alive after a second-half comeback in Cleveland. Go figure. All that quarterback drama was pretty damn unnecessary. This Jets offense is at its best when Matt Forte and Bilal Powell gash defenses up the middle, not when Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 45-plus times. It's like the team is finally figuring that out.
*Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst
*Jets No. 29
Last week: No. 27
Watching Jets games, can't you just feel Todd Bowles' consternation through the TV (or tablet or smartphone) screen? He might be mild-mannered, but that doesn't mean Bowles is oblivious to when his team is stinking up the joint. He'll take the W, and that's it. As he said himself, "When you win, you win. When you lose, you lose. ... We ain't going to b---- about it when we win." TheJets shouldn't B.S. about using Matt Forte and Bilal Powell as much as possible. The fact that those two averaged 36 combined touches in the Jets' consecutive wins is more important than any cute fantasy stat. Wonder what Bowles thinks about fantasy? I don't.

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