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Power Rankings Week 10


CBS Sports
*Pete Prisco
*Jets No. 28
Last week: 26
This season has gone bad quickly. Todd Bowles was considered a coaching star last year. Now? Not so much.

Sports Illustrated *Chris Burke
*Jets No. 27
Last week: No. 25
Nothing yet has quite painted the picture of this Jets season like Muhammad Wilkerson skipping a team meeting and thus missing out on the birthday cake his teammates had purchased him. I mean, I guess if it had all somehow been Ryan Fitzpatrick's fault, that would have been even more fitting—Fitzpatrick spending too much money and bringing the cake several days late, for example. The reality is pretty on the nose, though.  

Jets No. 27
Last week: 27
The Jets have the fourth-worst second-half point differential this season, thanks in large part to QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's 12 second-half interceptions (one in the first half).

Yahoo Sports
*Frank Schwab
*Jets No. 27
Last week: No. 28
In the Jets' two games before Sunday, Matt Forte had 55 carries and averaged 3.3 yards. On Sunday the Jets cut back his playing time, gave him 12 carries, and he averaged 7.7 yards per attempt. Huh, so not overworking a 30-year-old back might turn him into a more efficient player? Crazy.

Bleacher Report
*Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst *
Jets No. 29
Last week: No. 28
Bowles sat both Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson for the entire first quarter for what sure looked like disciplinary issues. He watched from the sidelines as two personal fouls drove the Dolphins deep in Jets territory. Then, Jay Ajayi ran in the end zone untouched.
Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst
*Jets No. 29
Last week: No. 29
*Third-and-2 ... *Dolphins
' ball just inside of the Jets' 7-yard line ... Miami leading 17-13.* Ryan Tannehill drops back and immediately pivots right, looking to dump the ball off to running backJay Ajayi. Rookie linebacker Jordan Jenkins reads it perfectly, peeling off the right tackle's block, stepping right in front of Tannehill's telegraphed lob. Nothing but 85 yards and a Gang Green lead in front of him. Kerplunk. Then, trailing 20-16, the Jets have the ball on third-and-8 and inside the red zone. Ryan Fitzpatrick lofts a 50-50 ball where two guys are waiting. The only issue: Neither was a Jet. One missed turnover, one costly turnover. Annnnnd the Jets are 3-6.

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