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Power Rankings: Needle Pointing Up

Pat Kirwan: That Was a Dominant Performance in Buffalo


Bleacher Report
*Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst *
Jets No. 7
Last week: No. 7
No regular-season victory can ever fix the feeling of a blown playoff spot. But the Jets got the next-best thing to start Week 2. Their Thursday night ass-kicking established them as an AFC force and started the meltdown process for a division foe. I haven't seen a more impressive throwing performance from Ryan Fitzpatrick...ever. He was one question mark I had about this team; the other was its secondary. But despite two coverage mix-ups (one put Darrelle Revis on a world-class sprinter), this secondary allowed 142 passing yards. This wasn't a revenge game, but it has to feel just as good against a hated rival.
*Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst
*Jets No. 10
Last week: No. 14
So, if you started Matt Forte in fantasy, you pretty much won your matchup this week. A hundred rushing yards and three touchdowns? Yeah, that'll do the trick. In fact, the Jets were a fantasy gold mine on Thursday, with two wide receivers eclipsing the 100-yard mark and a third falling just 8 yards short. Back to Forte, though: Ask most people if he's a Hall of Fame back, and you'll probably get a pensive look with a lot of "Meh." But wait a second ... Forte already has compiled 12,982 yards from scrimmage. Jerome Bettis made it a few years ago, with 15,111 from scrimmage. Two below-average seasons from the Jets' new tailback, and he'll easily surpass that total. Then what?

Sports Illustrated
Chris Burke
*Jets No. 11
Last week: No. 15
Maybe the Jets figure that Matt Forte is a 30-year-old running back anyway so, hey, just run him until he falls apart—like that *Seinfeld
 episode where Kramer tries to see how far he can drive on an empty tank of gas. Forte's pace is still outlandish. His current 26 carries-per-game clip stretched over the full season would match Larry Johnson's 2006 record.

Real Football Network
*Pat Kirwan
*Jets No. 13
Last week: No. 14
That was a dominant performance in Buffalo, usually a tough place for the Jets. They need to give us that type of play on a consistent basis.
Jets No. 14
Last week: No. 15
The Jets are 1-1, but they should be concerned about their secondary. They've allowed four 50-plus yard pass plays already this season, one shy of their 2015 total. There will be more cause for concern if they allow more against the Chiefs' limited aerial attack in Week 3.

Fox Sports
Cameron DaSilva
Jets No. 17
Last week: No. 22
The Bills look like one of the worst teams in football, which makes the Jets' close win look a little less impressive. However, it's now clear the offense will carry this team until Darrelle Revis turns his game around and starts playing like a shutdown corner. New York won't give the Patriots any trouble in the AFC East.

CBS Sports Pete Prisco
Jets No. 17
Last week: No. 21
They are off to a nice start with a big physical defense and a nice passing game. They might be better than I expected.

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