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Power Rankings: Jets Stay Steady

Kirwan: Jets Defense Was Dominant


Bleacher Report
*Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst *
Jets No. 7
Last week: No. 7
The good news? New York answered a lot of its preseason questions. The defensive line meshed in a big way. The secondary fell victim to A.J. Green but played well enough. Matt Forte played like a young Matt Forté. The right side of the offensive line even came together for a big run-blocking day.
Jets No. 15
Last week: No. 10
Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter, but can he finish? In his past two fourth quarters he's 8-of-19 with no touchdowns and four interceptions. Three of those came in Week 17 against the Bills last season, a team the Jets play Thursday, and a team they lost to twice last season.

Sports Illustrated
*Chris Burke
*Jets No. 15
Last week: No. 10
There have been three games in Jets history when they've recorded seven sacks and lost: 1962 against the Dallas Texans (who are now the Chiefs), 1971 against the Baltimore Colts (who are now in Indianapolis) and Sunday against Cincinnati. Aside from foretelling, apparently, a future Bengals relocation, the Jets' Week 1 outcome goes in the books as a massive missed opportunity.​

Yahoo Sports
*Frank Schwab
*Jets No. 14
Last week: No. 13
Leonard Williams, last year's first-round pick, had 2.5 sacks in the opener. Muhammad Wilkerson had 1.5 sacks and new nose tackle Steve McLendon added a couple. The Jets' defensive front is going to be amazing.
*Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst
*Jets No. 14
Last week: No. 14
Narrow loss for the Jets on Sunday, with many missed opportunities along the way. New York's defense sacked Andy Dalton seven times. It didn't allow the Bengals' run game to do jack crap. Yet, the offense couldn't convert on third down, while kicker Nick Folk missed an extra point and had a 22-yard field goal try blocked. It all added up to a New York calzone packed with the suckiness of an 0-1 start that easily could have been 1-0.

Real Football Network
*Pat Kirwan
*Jets No. 14
Last week: n/a
A tough loss at home, but the defense was dominant with 7 sacks, and the chemistry between Fitz and his receivers seems to have picked up where it left off last year. Matt Forte sure looks like a nice pickup at this point.

Fox Sports
Cameron DaSilva
Jets No. 22
Last week: No. 20
It wouldn't be totally unfair to pin the Jets' Week 1 loss on kicker Nick Folk. He had a chip-shot 22-yard field goal attempt blocked and missed an extra point attempt, both of which impacted the one-point loss greatly. However, the Jets have plenty of issues outside of Folk. Fitzpatrick made several mistakes – namely on the final drive – and Darrelle Revis isn't the player he once was. Not to mention, four of their next five opponents were playoff teams a year ago.

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