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Player Q&A: Kris Jenkins


What is the biggest difference between Eric Mangini and Rex Ryan?

Personality. Mangini is a militant and Rex has a lot calmer approach.

The difference is experience, a lot of years. Mangini was a younger coach and you could tell that. Rex has been around the game awhile and he's been acclimated to the game, the players, and he has that calm wisdom.

Who is the funniest player on this Jets team?

"Batman" [Ahmad Carroll]. The way he talks, the way he runs around the field, the way he does his drills, the way he practices — it's just everything, even his accent. He cannot not be the center of attention, he cannot not say something funny. He is the class clown.

If someone hadn't met Bart Scott, how would you describe him?

He talks too much. He's from Detroit and we all talk too much. If you're from Detroit, you always have a story to tell. He's cool, real down to earth, but make sure your ears are ready.

Mark Sanchez did a highly publicized photo shoot during the spring. If the price was right, would you pose in GQ?

I would have clothes on. I don't think I would be doing any type of clothing-optional type of gig with lifeguard equipment. I guess I'm getting old because I have this part of me that is searching for more to distinguish my life by now. Looking at that makes me feel like I've come a long way.

Do you have any special initiation plans set for any of the rookies?

Nothing. I make them get me water and stuff like that. We don't have anyone on the defensive line that was drafted in the top three rounds, so they're not pulling in big money and I'm not going to make them spend their money. But I'll ask them for things like getting me water. If I do send them on an errand to get me some food for the plane, then I'll pay for my share. I'll just make them go get it.

We've seen you make an omelet before and know you enjoy cooking. What's your specialty?

Right now I have to keep my weight down and I can't eat the fattening food. Everything has to be healthy right now, so I've been experimenting with different things to make healthy meals. I like going to Whole Foods — I actually live by one.

What do you like most about playing in the New York City area?

I just like the football environment here. I'm a homebody more than most people would think. A lot of the time I'm at the house or doing something with my kids. It's just the environment of playing here.

Who's the best interior lineman you've ever lined up against?

I can't just say one person. I've had the honor to play against some real good guys, including some of the older guys. I got to play against [Alan] Faneca when he was with Pittsburgh, I got to play against Larry Allen, I got to play against some good offensive guys, so I can't sit back and just say one person. I've played against a lot of guys who really have a lot of talent and there are a lot of young guys coming into the league who look like they're pretty solid offensive linemen.

I'm used to the double and triple teams. It makes me feel good that I can draw that kind of attention.

Back in your college days at Maryland, your craziest ambition was "to be stranded on a deserted island with food, TV and Halle Berry." What would your craziest ambition be now?

To be stranded on an island, a real big one, with food, TV and my kids. I like the water, too, but I don't need Halle anymore. I have my wife coming. That's all I need.

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