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Player Q&A: Darrelle Revis


Name: Darrelle Revis

Position/Experience: Cornerback, 3rd Year

Who is the greatest athlete ever to come out of Pittsburgh?

There are a lot of great athletes to come out of Pittsburgh, but I think I'd have to be on the top.

What do you miss most about college?

Just campus life — being on campus, eating whatever you wanted to eat, and going to class and meeting new people. I was from a small town, so going to college was a different world.  You were meeting all these other people from different cultures and different areas. So, you mingle with these guys and make friends with these people — it's a good thing. It's like you get booted out into the world and you've got to grow up fast.

Who's the tougher receiver to cover, Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

Randy Moss.

Which receiver has given you the most problems since you've entered the NFL?

Chad Johnson (Ochocinco).

Who's your favorite NBA player?LeBron James.

Is he going to become a Knick?Yeah, I hope that happens. I'll probably be at every game – mostly every game.

Which area of your game would you like to improve?

I like to just focus on everything. Every year in the offseason I like to focus on getting my feet better, hands better, everything. That and now I'm jumping into being more of a vocal leader, so now it's working on that as well — being one of the leaders on this team.

Have you met anyone in the league who talks more smack than Bart Scott?Joey Porter (laughs).

Did you ever get that ball back after throwing it into the stands when you scored your first TD last season?No I didn't.

Where is it?

Some fan has it. That was my tribute to the Jets fans.

Can the Jets have the best secondary in 2009?

Yeah, we can. It's up to us and what we want to do with it. In the offseason we picked up a corner in Lito Sheppard and we've got a couple of new guys in here.  [Dwight]  Lowery is back and we're just doing what we've got to do right now.  It's the offseason and we've installed a new defense.  We're learning fast, we're having fun with it, and when training camp comes that's when we'll really get hard with it and on what we need to do and accomplish for the 2009 season.

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