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Pick 6 with Darron Lee

The Rookie Linebacker Talks Biggie Smalls, Championships and Fish Fries.

What was it like playing for Urban Meyer and winning a national championship?

A lot of fun, a pleasure, probably the best three years of my life. He was an incredible coach and motivator. He always had the guys ready to play. It was unreal to beat Alabama in that game. There is nothing better, especially with the season we had, it was an emotional rollercoaster. Some of the downs were tragic, and the way that we came out on top, that was a feeling that I'll never forget.

Your Instagram name is the "Manimal"...what the heck does that mean and do the guys here call you that?**

Everybody thinks that I gave myself that nickname but I didn't. I wasn't called "Manimal" until I got to college. The "slobs" at Ohio State, which is the o-lineman, and Taylor Decker (who went first round in the draft) gave me that nickname. I used to be called "man-child." My mom called me that in high school, but "Manimal" didn't come until the latter end of our national championship season. The guys here call me "pup." I haven't done anything yet.

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What does your free time away from the football field consist of?

It depends. If there's a good movie out, then I'll go see that. I like go-carting. Go-carting is fun. I like relaxing. "Call of Duty" is pretty fun. A nice glass of wine sometimes too.

If you didn't play football what would you do?

Probably be a baseball player. I played outfield and first base but I could really hit. If I hit the ball it's going.

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What's the food like in Tennessee?

We do a lot of fish fries and barbeques. My mom makes steaks, mac and cheese and collard greens too.

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You're a 90's baby so what's me your favorite 90's jam?

*Hypnotize. Biggie Smalls. *

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