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Pennington: Forté Reminds Me of Curtis Martin

Ex-Jets QB Chad Pennington Broke Down Thursday’s Win Over Buffalo on the Jets Podcast Network


Former Jets QB Chad Pennington has liked what he has seen of RB Matt Forte in the latter's first two games as a member of the Green & White.

"He's impressive," Pennington said during his weekly appearance on the EA Podcast with senior team reporter Eric Allen. "I love the way he runs the football, he reminds me of Curtis Martin. Once he finds that one seam, he hits it. There's no dancing in the hole, he's getting positive yards when there's not a lot there and he's making sure it's not a negative yardage play. He really understands how to run the football effectively and he's very patient. He's going to take the yards that are there and when he finds the crease, that's quintessential Forté right there. To be able to put his foot in the ground and cut off the back side blocker and go straight north and south into the end zone."

Forté rushed for 100 yards and three touchdowns in the Jets' 37-31 win over the Bills on Thursday and was an instrumental part of an offensive explosion as the Jets totaled 493 yards. WRs Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall put up big numbers, eclipsing the 100-yard mark with 126 and 101 respectively. Second-year pro Quincy Enunwa also had a big game, recording 90 of his career-high 92 yards within the first two frames.

"That is such a huge boost for the Jets offense and for the staff to know they have a solid number three receiver," said Pennington. "Quincy is a different type of number three because he presents that challenge for a defense. Do you treat him as a tight end or a receiver? Do you have to be situational specific on how you treat him? They can use him in so many different ways so to see him now coming to the forefront and making big plays in the passing game, it really bodes well for the Jets."

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