Off Topic: Lawrence Thomas

What was it like waiting around to see if you made the team?

Like waiting on pins and needles. I looked at my phone all day hoping that I wouldn't get a call.

* *

Music Preference?


OTAs complete ✅ #JetNation — Lawrence Thomas (@LawrenceLThomas) June 10, 2016

How do you feel about Drake and Rihanna then?

That's love right there. They make a nice couple if you ask me.

Your celebrity crush though?

*Beyonce. You can't go wrong with Queen B. *

Summer is over…is that okay with you?

I can get down with the winter thing. It's hoodie, sweatpants, football season.

* *

Essential winter attire?

My skull cap.

MSU's and the Jets' colors are both Green & White. Did you do that on purpose?

Man every time I come in here I think about Michigan State. It already feels like home.

* *

Favorite food?

Nachos. Chicken, not beef and not spicy.

Best dish by Momma Thomas?

*Smothered Pork Chops. They're fried with gravy. *

* *

Movie that you can watch on repeat?

*Money Talks. I don't even know what it's about but it gets me every time. *

* *

Have the guys given you a nickname yet?

*Yeah, everybody is calling me "LT". Not Coach Pep (Pepper Johnson) though. He played with the real LT so he takes it serious and he calls me "TL" instead. *

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