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Off Topic: Lawrence Thomas

I caught up with the rookie DL in the locker room after practice. See what he has to say in the latest edition of Off Topic.

What was it like waiting around to see if you made the team?

Like waiting on pins and needles. I looked at my phone all day hoping that I wouldn't get a call.

* *

Music Preference?


OTAs complete ✅ #JetNation — Lawrence Thomas (@LawrenceLThomas) June 10, 2016

How do you feel about Drake and Rihanna then?

That's love right there. They make a nice couple if you ask me.

Your celebrity crush though?

*Beyonce. You can't go wrong with Queen B. *

Summer is over…is that okay with you?

I can get down with the winter thing. It's hoodie, sweatpants, football season.

* *

Essential winter attire?

My skull cap.

MSU's and the Jets' colors are both Green & White. Did you do that on purpose?

Man every time I come in here I think about Michigan State. It already feels like home.

* *

Favorite food?

Nachos. Chicken, not beef and not spicy.

Best dish by Momma Thomas?

*Smothered Pork Chops. They're fried with gravy. *

* *

Movie that you can watch on repeat?

*Money Talks. I don't even know what it's about but it gets me every time. *

* *

Have the guys given you a nickname yet?

*Yeah, everybody is calling me "LT". Not Coach Pep (Pepper Johnson) though. He played with the real LT so he takes it serious and he calls me "TL" instead. *

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