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OC Morton on Von Miller: He's a Big Challenge

Jets Coordinators Addressed the Media Thursday


More than Miller

Coming off a season-high 38 points and what offensive coordinator John Morton described as the unit's best game of 2017, the Jets have a tough task ahead. The Broncos defense ranks No. 5 in the league and No. 2 on third down as opposing offenses are converting 30.2%. Edge rusher Von Miller leads the charge up front and paces the Broncos with 9.0 sacks, which is tied for ninth in the league.

"He's a big challenge," Morton said. "I think he's one of the best players in the league and obviously we have be ready for him. Not only him, this is a good defense all-around, all the players. I think it's one of the top units we're facing and we have a challenge ahead of us."

Bump in the Road
The Jets defense surrendered 14 points within the first five minutes against the Chiefs, but coordinator Kacy Rodgers said last Sunday's performance was an anomaly. Rodgers pointed to technique errors as a reason for the coverage breakdowns as the unit allowed a season-high 366 yards, four touchdowns and 31 points through the air. Prior to last weekend, the Green & White ranked No. 15 in the NFL, yielding  222.2 yards per game.

"I've been extremely pleased with our secondary," Rodgers said. "We're young, we have a lot of youth out there and the plays those guys have made, they've really stepped up. We look at this past Sunday as a hiccup, but this is the NFL and those guys get paid too. They made a couple plays, we adjusted and we'll move on."

Back to School
Special teams coordinator Brant Boyer is focusing on "stopping the bleeding" entering Week 14 as the Jets have surrendered punt returns of 20-plus yards in three consecutive games. Boyer said the unit is going back to the drawing board prior to Sunday's contest, primarily focusing on fundamentals.

"You don't get to practice the things that you work on all offseason," he said. "The slip-and-blocks, the stack-and-blocks, the beating double teams, all those things that you practice all spring. You don't have time to do that during the season because you're installing and you're practicing the game plan and you're doing all those things.

"I think it's always good to go back and touch on the things that made you successful maybe early in the year that all that preparation did. We started doing that this week, so hopefully that will make a difference."

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