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Notes/Quotes: Aching Offense, Big Challenge

Shoulder Injuries to both Decker & J. Marshall Could Impact Jets' Offense vs. Seahawks' No. 1 D


A bitter loss, some developing wideout injuries, a tough opponent ahead. It's life in the NFL. But WR Brandon Marshall said the Jets have at least addressed the first part of the equation with a positive reaction to the new week and a good practice today.

"That's a good feeling when guys are angry and upset — that means they care," Marshall said about the Jets' bounceback from their 24-3 loss at Kansas City. "I've been on so many teams where you walk in the locker room after a loss and guys are just like, OK, on to the next thing, go home, go out and eat.

"It sucks losing, but it feels good to see the reaction, that coaches and players are angry and you're looking at each other and you're holding each other accountable, like, What's the problem, we need to fix it. That's what I love about this locker room."

Decker and J.Marshall InjuriesBut can the renewed attitude overcome some jointly bad news? WR Eric Decker and rookie wideout Jalin Marshall both have shoulder injuries. Head coach Todd Bowles said the team found out that Decker had more than just a sore shoulder Tuesday and that he'll go for an MRI. Marshall has a torn labrum.

Marshall's injury could put the Jets' return game in a scramble. But for an offense in need of big games from key players against the Seahawks' No. 1 overall and No. 2 pass defense, a Decker absence could really hurt.

"Not sure yet" about Decker's status, Bowles said. "Anybody that doesn't practice I'm concerned about. He came back last week without practicing, so we just have to wait and see."

"Ask me that question on Sunday," Brandon Marshall said. "That's a what-if. I don't really like to deal with all that now. If we get closer and he's out there, it'll be great for us. If he's not, then we'll answer those questions and deal with it then."

Fitzpatrick's TakeRyan Fitzpatrick wasn't throwing in the towel if Decker can't go.

"That's not something I can worry about as a quarterback," he said. "The good thing is we have such a good rapport with some of those guys. Eric and Brandon, especially, whether there's a lot of practice or not, I feel comfortable with them in all of those situations. Quincy [Enunwa] has really emerged this year and we have a lot of talent in that room, and so it will be interesting how everything goes and what happens.

"But as the season goes on, you've got to have guys that are going to have to step in and make plays. Brandon was out for a play and Robby [Anderson] catches the ball down the sideline, so the thing that has impressed me about him all along is that he is not scared of the moment. Sometimes that happens with the younger guys, but he's done a nice job."

Images from the Mid-Week Practice of Seahawks Week

Larger Robby Role?That second-quarter 26-yarder Fitzpatrick referenced plus an 8-yarder in the fourth quarter gave Anderson his first two pro receptions. He told me today he's ready for more.

"It felt good, you know?" Anderson said. "I was just so happy to get in. Fitz read the coverage, looked the safety off, threw a good ball, and gave me enough spacing. It felt good, and I felt like it could've been a momentum-changer at the time.

"I didn't come here to just stand on the sideline and watch," he added of a chance for more reps against the Seahawks. "I wanted to play and contribute and help, so I'm just preparing day in day out, preparing myself for the moment."

Other InjuriesBowles said CB Darrelle Revis (ankle) and rookie DL Lawrence Thomas (shoulder) were also DNPs. Matt Forte (knee) and T Ryan Clady (shoulder) were limited. ... TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, acquired on waivers, arrived late today. Bowles said he hadn't seen him or talked to him yet at the complex so he deferred many questions, including if ASJ would be available Sunday. Asked if there would be "zero tolerance" for the TE, Bowles replied: "Most of it is zero tolerance for a lot of people."

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