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No. 8 for Michael Vick Is Now Official

Process for Assigning Jets QB His New Uniform Number Has Been Completed

It is now official. Michael Vick will wear uniform No. 8 this season.

Vick announced his decision to wear No. 8 on Monday after taking to social media to solicit Jets fans' help in choosing between 8 and 3 for his new numeral. Then the removal of the computer-graphic image of Vick wearing 8 in Jets green and white from his Instagram account added to the intrigue.

But this afternoon 8 as in V-8 has become official and is ready to motor.

As we reported Monday, our newest QB has been closely associated with No. 7, of course. He wore it in high school, at Virginia Tech, in his first six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and the past five years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

But Vick had low-keyed the number issue since signing with the Jets, who already have a No. 7 in now second-year signalcaller Geno Smith. As Vick said on his conference call with team reporters in March, "Geno is going to wear No. 7. I'm changing my number."

The change has now been completed.

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