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Monday Player Interviews


Transcripts of interviews with selected Jets players after Monday's morning training camp practice:


On training camp…

The defense is usually a little bit ahead right away and then the offense gets it back and you see us battling back pretty good right now. The offense will hit a play. The defense will come up with a big play. Now it's getting down to football. It's getting the way it is in the season, where it's not a lopsided deal. That chess match is in full effect now this far into training camp.

On Kellen Clemens…

He got me today, to where he looked me off and looked back and looked me off again and then threw it. We talk, I'll talk to Kellen a lot. I just try to give him little things that really give us a problem and he used that to his advantage today. He came down the field right after and said, "Did I hold you off? Did I hold you off?" and I said, "You definitely did." Like I said, it's a chess match in camp when you're seeing the same plays, the same guys over and over. We're giving it to each other pretty good right now.


On J'Nathan Bullock's transition from basketball to football…

I think J'Nathan has done a really good job. It's a tough transition coming from basketball to football when you haven't played it in five years. But he did a really good job of understanding his body. He's a big guy and I think once he understands his leverage and that kind of thing he's going to be a really good football player.

On helping keep J'Nathan's spirit up when he doesn't have a good practice…

I tried to talk to him about that. What he doesn't understand is, in football you don't really see the little victories. You may not have a good scoring game in basketball, but you could have 20 rebounds, and that's what he's used to. He needs to understand that there's going to be ups and downs in football and there's going to be days where he's just going to get beat. There are very good players out here and even the best players get beat from time to time. That is what he's learning about the game of football again.

On how confident he's feels at this point in camp…

I do feel confident. I think what's helping me right now is the understanding of the system. I came from a complex system in college my last two years. It has helped me understand what other guys are doing at multiple positions. The key thing for me to do is study and that will help my development.

On how he's helped Dustin Keller…

I wouldn't say it was me helping him. I think Coach Devlin's done a terrific job developing us as blockers. He's really helped us shorten our strides and hit our landmarks and that kind of stuff. That's something we spend 20 minutes on every day. I think you can really see it pay in dividends with us. I watched Dustin play in the Big Ten at Purdue and he's night and day a better blocker than he was there. It's pretty impressive to see.

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