Monday Player Conference Calls


Transcripts of conference calls with two Jets players on Monday afternoon:    


On the excitement of the Jets and Giants in New York…

The excitement is very high right now. Both teams are doing great. We are in the city of New York. Everything is going good for us. There is a lot of excitement and a lot of people are jumping on the Jets bandwagon [laughs]. It's good. It's very exciting.

On the Oakland game…

The Oakland game, I think as a team we didn't put pressure on them. We let them off the hook. They took advantage of it. They made plays that we didn't make. They outplayed us that day.

On the adjustments made after the loss to Oakland…

The only adjustment that we made was on us. We pointed the finger at everybody on the team. It all falls on us. We have to go out there and complete a whole game. We can't go out there and have mental errors and mistakes. We have to have a complete game and be consistent in our play on the field.

On if it takes pressure off the defense when the offense controls time of possession…

It's great. Brett [Favre] and the offense are doing a great job. The offensive line as well, they're opening holes for Thomas Jones and Leon [Washington] to run. They're giving Brett time to throw.

I think yesterday was the first game that I ever played in where I sat for most of the game. It was kind of a crazy game on the defensive side. When we got in we focused on what we had to focus on. We went out there and executed.


On the long offensive drives…

Obviously, we want to try to stay balanced and be able to run the football, and then obviously pass the football with equal efficiency. Whatever play is called, that's what we try to go out and execute. It just happened yesterday. Actually, we had a pretty balanced attack. I think we had close to 190 yards rushing [192] and 200-something yards passing [224] — when you look at the stats sheet, that's a pretty balanced game.

One thing about the running game: Maybe the first or second quarter those runs are 1 yard, 2 yards, 3 yards, and for the fans sometimes that's boring football. Then late in the game those runs break out, where Thomas had 20 and then obviously Leon had the big run at the end. We just want to stay the course. Whatever play is called, we go out and execute it and like I said, try to stay balanced.

On the identity of the offense…

I think identity, and all of that kind of stuff, those are things that people want to write about and talk about, but our biggest thing is that our charge on offense is to score one more point than their offense. That's the only thing our charge is. If the score is 17-16, and we had the 17, that means we accomplished our job. Our charge is just to go out and execute whatever play is called.

I think the biggest thing is that we're making improvements, but we still have a long way to go. I think a lot of guys are in today. I know I was in today to watch film. There are so many things that we can get better at. That's encouraging, the fact that we can go into a hostile environment the last two weeks and be able to pull out a victory. We still have a lot more room to improve.

On averaging 30 points a game…

At the end of the day, the only thing that is really judged is the win and loss columns. For us, if we're able to have one more point than our opponent, then we went out and did our job. If we're able to score more points, that's great, but the bottom line is that we're just trying to do whatever we can, the offense, defense and special teams, to ensure a victory.

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