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Missant Diary: Championship Game in Sight


Missant Diary: Championship Game in Sight

Frankfurt Galaxy offensive lineman Charles Missant has been allocated to NFL Europe from the New York Jets.  Missant will keep a weekly NFL Europe Diary through the season for This week the Galaxy starting center talks about their victory against Rhein last weekend and what it meant to the players to have such a vocal crowd in the house.

What a great win last weekend.  To win five games in a row in any league is quite an accomplishment.  We've tied the team record for most wins in a row, and we're looking to make it six this weekend.  We're playing a great team in Amsterdam, and we as a team feel that they were the only team that legitimately beat us.  We're looking forward to that game.

In the Rhein game we did a great job offensively and defensively.  Obviously we had some breakdowns, as we would have liked to score more points, but we did manage to put up 210 rushing yards.  Roger (Robinson) ran the ball great, he made some great cutbacks, the coaches made some great calls, and it was just a solid collective effort.  Fortunately enough we were able to kick a winning field goal for the second time this year.  Our fans are just amazing.  We had around 35,000 fans there, and it sounded like 100,000.  That's how loud it was.  Rhein jumped offsides on numerous occasions because the noise was too much for them.  It was a big game, and it was nice to come out on top.

Practice this week has been great.  The coaches let us take off the shoulder pads, so we've been wearing our soft shells.  It's late in the season, so he's trying to get us prepared physically by giving us a break.  This week we are working on our hand speed and mental reps. We've got to move our feet and hands, though, there isn't much contact because we're not wearing pads. 

Coach Jordan is a very consistent coach.  He expects us to go out everyday and work hard, and we do that.  He constantly drills us and lets us know that we've got to take this season one game at a time.  He keeps us intact and focused on the main objective.  We have a great group of guys on the offensive line that like to get after it.  We're blue-collar guys.  We're leading the league in rushing by at least 300 yards.  Stats aren't that important to us because we just want to go out there and do our jobs, but it feels good to see that we are helping the offense so much. 

The weather has been great.  We play another game at home this week, which is nice, because it's not that often that you get to play two games in a row at home in this league.  It's usually home, then away, and then back at home again.  We're looking forward to it.  We're not counting our chickens before they hatch, but if we beat Amsterdam on Sunday we'll be going to the World Bowl.  It's a very important game to us. 

This past weekend Casey and I went to East Germany with Daniel Benetka (Galaxy DT) and his girlfriend.  We went to Leipzig, which is a beautiful town.  We barbequed at Daniel's house, and just relaxed.  It was just good to get out of Frankfurt over the long weekend and spend some time relaxing.  We saw a couple castles along the way, and it was nice to see the German countryside.

Thanks for checking in everybody.  I hope I can report on a World Bowl bid next week.

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