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Mike T, Rex Add Simmons to the TE Mix

The Jets are building the competition at the tight end spot behind and alongside last year's first-round pick, Dustin Keller.

Kareem Brown has already been transitioning to TE from the D-line. The personnel department brought in J'Nathan Bullock, the power forward from Cleveland State, plus Andrew Davie from Arkansas and Rob Myers from Utah State as undrafted free agents for this past weekend's minicamp.

Then today, GM Mike Tannenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan added one more to the position with the announced signing of Jack Simmons from Minnesota.

Simmons was an unsigned tryout player at the minicamp, but he clearly caught Rex's eye. On Friday, Ryan was asked about any undrafted types who caught his eye in the first practice of camp. He mentioned a couple of LBs, undrafted FA Jamaal Westerman from Rutgers and tryout Brian Toal from Boston College.

"And then you had a tight end — I do have to look at this number — Simmons looked pretty good to me as well," the coach said.

The next day Ryan expanded on his scouting report:

"We don't have the pads on, but I was impressed with Simmons, No. 46, even in blocking drills. It seems like he's got good footwork, he bends at his knees and his hips and his ankles. You have to be able to do that."

So add Jack Simmons to the mix. At this moment he and DT Anthony Harris are the only ones of the 16 tryout players to have been signed to the 80-man roster.

We say "at this moment" because, especially at TE, Mike T's "every rock, every day" aphorism still applies. As Ryan also said Saturday:

"Certainly we'll keep our options open if we think a veteran is out there that can help our football team."

Class in a Crisis

We at send our prayers out and wish the best for everyone affected by the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys' training bubble Saturday, especially the worst-injured employees — scouting assistant Rich Behm, special teams coach Joe DeCamillis and assistant athletic trainer Greg Gaither.

We're following on the heels of the messageboard arm of our Website, and particularly moderator "The Green Titan," for reaching out to the Cowboys and their fans with the following post today:

On behalf of the New York Jets fans on the Jets official forum, I wanted to let you know that the fans there were sincerely concerned for your players and coaching staff. We share concern for everyone who was touched by this accident, and want to extend our heartfelt and best wishes to Coach Joe DeCamillis, Rich Behm, the Dallas Cowboys Organization and to you the fans.

To which some Cowboys fans responded with equal class:

Thank you for that I know everyone appreciates that! I knew Jets fans were nice! Thanks a lot! — anaheimdalfan

I always had a suspicion Jets fans were a classy bunch. Thanks for confirming that. You will be rewarded for your kindness, if not by us, then by someone else. Thank you. — The Emperor

Thank you, Jets Fans! You guys truly represent New York's finest!!! — valleygman

Thank you and god bless you, you are a true class act. You are a beacon of exactly what the NFL fans should be. Respectable and honorable. — howabouttemboys

Thanks for your kind words. Best to the Jets. — richard kimball

thanks guys and gals of the jets forum..classy act..good luck and please beat the PATS — boysfaninny

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