McCarthy: Our Issues Were Execution


The following transcripts were obtained from the Green Bay Packers' Public Relations Department.


(on this past week's practice and poor first half play) "I thought our opponent squads did a great job giving us the shifts and motions. We didn't have alignment issues. Our issues were execution. You talk about our defense; we looked like we had no pass rush. We looked like we were playing in mud. Chad Pennington was just out there playing pitch and catch with his receivers."

(on if he thinks the younger players were quitting on the team) "I didn't see quit. I saw poor performance. I saw people in bad positions. I saw people playing bad technique. You know, not moving their feet, not sustaining blocks, not getting off blocks. We had two mental errors on the first damn series in pass protection. That's what I see."

(on what he said to the team at halftime) "I just talked to them about the reality where we were at at halftime, the reality of what went on in the first half. I wasn't really interested in a bunch of emotional screaming and yelling. I just addressed it point blank: what happened, how I felt about what happened, and the direction that we were going to go in the second half."

(on what he thought of fans booing at the end of the first half) "Hell, I would have been booing too. I mean, shoot, they should boo us. I didn't have a problem with that. This is a man's league, it's a man's business, a man's game, and you can't perform like that."

(on what he thought of Ahman Green's play today) "I've been very pleased with him. He's clearly part of the solution around here. That man just needs more opportunities."


(on if he had ever seen a game like today's, especially the first half) "I was hoping I'd never saw anything like that through my career. I guess it holds true that if you play long enough, just about anything will happen. But that's tough to swallow."

(on what he thinks went wrong) "Either we're not executing the scheme very well, or we're not playing up to our abilities individually, or we're just not very good. One of the three. It might be a combination, I don't know. I don't think the Jets are that much better than us. I'm not taking anything away from what they did. They made the plays, we didn't. We need to take a look at ourselves, not point fingers. That obviously will not help."

(on if he said anything to the team) "I don't know what to say. We were losing 31 to nothing at halftime. I mean, pick it up guys? I mean, that was embarrassing. I would hope that, as professional football players, at any time during the course of a season or a career, that you would never need anyone to tell you or to pick you up. I know there's times when guys need a little boost, but this is not the time for a boost. What I said earlier is true: we're playing for our jobs. If you don't play, you don't get paid."

(on if losses like this make him regret coming back this season) "I'm glad I made the decision to come back, but this is difficult. I never thought I'd see it, but here we are. I never thought I'd be a part of a game or a season like we've had the last two years, but I'm as much to blame as anyone."

(on what he thought about Coach McCarthy saying that the young guys may have been looking to the veterans to make a play and turn the game around) "I don't know. When it was my first time to play – maybe I didn't know any different – but I couldn't wait for me to make one."

CB AL HARRIS:(On his individual match-up with Laveranues Coles) "It is what it is. We lost. That's where I'm at with it. You don't want to lose. There's no moral victories, even if there is an individual battle. We're a team, and collectively as a team, offense, defense, special teams, we didn't get it done today. They were a better team today."

(On not giving up in the second half, stepping up and creating turnovers) "No, no, no, we didn't give up at all. They beat us today."

(On where they go from here) "Back to the drawing board, look at the mistakes we made, correct them and move toward the next week."

(On if the Jets did anything to surprise them except for the reverse call) "No, not at all. They executed a good plan. We got to make more plays collectively as a unit."

P JON RYAN:(On if he talked to Brett Favre at all, who also lost his father in the middle of a season) "He talked to me yesterday a little bit at practice. He told me a story that happened, said that my dad and his dad are probably up there joking around right now. So things like that make me feel a little bit better."

DT RYAN PICKETT:(On how frustrating the season is becoming) "It's very frustrating. Losing ain't fun, it's the worst part about the game. It's definitely frustrating losing, especially in the manner that we lost the last couple home games. It's frustrating."

(On what happened in the first half) "They absolutely played the best they could play and we absolutely played the worst we could play. It was just like nothing, it was like effortless. They just drove the ball down the field the first half. It was like whatever we did, didn't work, didn't stop them. It's pretty tough on us."

(On how they gear up for the last four games of the season) "We're not gearing up for the last four. We just got to gear up for the next, we just got to win next week. That's the most important game, too. We definitely don't want to tailspin at the end of the season like this. We're definitely trying to build up something. And it seems like we took a couple steps back this week. Definitely have to win and start building up on something."

G DARYN COLLEDGE: (On if it's tough to lose three in a row after the Minnesota victory) "It's always hard, you hate to lose games. But we know we're close, we know what we have inside this locker room. We just got to get things going and we can really get the ball rolling around here."

C SCOTT WELLS:(On why it was so tough to put together a drive in the first half) "I felt like we really hurt ourselves with the turnovers in the first half. You can't score points if you don't take care of the football. First half that was it, second half we came out and did better. But it was too little, too late."

LB BRADY POPPINGA:(On if progress has been halted at this point) "I don't know, it means a number of things. It could be also that the teams we're playing are getting better at a higher rate than we are. We could still be getting better, but I don't know what it exactly means. All it means is that we've lost three in a row. That's where we're at. We have to find a way to correct it and win some games."

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