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Marshall Continues to Tweet Daily Diet Menu

#ToddBowlesDiet #MindOverMatter

Brandon Marshall is not happy about being on a diet, but who actually enjoys the process of losing weight? This regimen is different though –  it's called the "Todd Bowles Diet" or at least that's what B-Marsh is calling it...

Coach Bowles wants the 32-year-old star wide receiver to trim down to 230 pounds and maintain that weight throughout the season. Last year, the wideout set Jets' records while catching 109 passes for 1,502 yards. So you're probably wondering why in the world does he need to slim down, right? Brandon, take it away…

Doesn't exactly sound appetizing, but it's packed full of all kinds of nutritional goodness. After all, blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits and veggies.

Just be careful B-Marsh – we all know what happens if you eat too many blueberries…

So when you're reaching for that hot dog or slider this weekend just ask yourself, "What would Brandon do?"  Mind over matter people! If only we all had the same will power as an NFL superstar.

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