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Mangold's Enjoying Sparano's New Offense

Jets center Nick Mangold said the transition under new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has been nothing but positive thus far. Sparano replaced former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer in January after previously having been the head coach with the Miami Dolphins.

"It's been fun to have the opportunity to see a different type of offense," Mangold said. "I've seen the same type of offense for six years, so being able to learn something new has been an exciting challenge. I think it's making us better because everyone has to focus in and really make sure that you're on your game. I think people have put a lot of good work in and will continue to do that."

Mangold said he doesn't expect the new offense to be limited, but believes it will feature a solid rushing attack and passing game.

"As far as I know, we're going to run it, we're going to throw it, we're going to do everything," he said.

While there are always challenges in learning a new system or going through a coaching transition, the four-time Pro Bowl selection admits he has been extremely impressed with the accountability Sparano expects of his players.

"We all have to make sure we know what to do and how to do it," Mangold said. "I think that starts up front with our offensive line. I think we're going to do it the right way and the way that we should be, and we like everyone to follow suit. That's the way we prepare, the way we work, the way we practice and that's the way we perform."

With aspirations to return to the playoffs in 2012, several Jet players have already displayed significant changes in their attitudes throughout the voluntary workout sessions. And Mangold only envisions those attitudes to deepen as the offseason schedule increases.

"I think it's the desire and the strive to be the best," Mangold said. "That's what we want to do and to do that you have to put the work in. Guys understand that, and I think have been feeding off that as we've been going through the spring here."

The team is scheduled to start OTAs next week.

Mangold had a busy day Tuesday. He started out at the New York Jets Charity Golf Classic at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, N.J. And he went from there to New York City to be a guest and get his chest waxed on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

Not all of his linemates knew of his national television appearance.

"I didn't know he was on. He's definitely been hiding it," said tackle Wayne Hunter. "That's because he knows as soon as we found out, we're not going to let him hear the end of it."

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