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Locker Room Sound Bites: Jets-Titans

Bowles, McCown, Hackenberg & Anderson on the Offense, Adams on His Jets & Pro Debut


Selected quotes from the Jets' and Titans' locker rooms at MetLife Stadium following the Jets' 7-3 preseason-opening victory Saturday night:

Head coach Todd Bowles on his three QBs' 65.7% completion accuracy..."Those are some things we have to build off of. There are some things we got better at. They controlled some things that we can look forward to getting better at once we watch the film. For the most part, other than the fumble, we didn't turn it over. We can't have those. All of them performed well."

QB Josh McCown on if it ever gets old to start a game with a touchdown drive..."No, never. I'll take 19 more of those or however many more. We'll take that. Like I said, that's how I envisioned it going."

McCown on if he would say Christian Hackenberg looked decisive..."Exactly. That's a good word. That's what Coach [Jeremy] Bates has been drilling into us. We have a plan in place every time we step to the line of scrimmage of where we expect the ball to go and how we expect the play to go, and these two young guys are doing an excellent job of just playing within it."

Hackenberg on McCown being helpful when he comes to the sideline..."He's very vocal. He's almost like another coach. He's played so long. He's had so many different experiences and a lot of different advice. It's a unique perspective from a guy who you're actually playing with to be able to tell you those things. It's like your dad. You hear something from your dad, sometimes you need an external factor to say something to you for it to really hit home."

Hackenberg on if he had a favorite throw in the game..."I like all of them."

WR Robby Anderson on the Jets' opening drive to the game's only TD..."That was a really good drive. We made some plays. Jalin [Marshall] started it off with that catch. ... I felt like that built the momentum. We all connected and stepped up. It was a good drive altogether. It started with the offensive line and on all cylinders."

First-round rookie S Jamal Adams on how his first preseason game went..."It went well. I was a little upset that I only played a little bit. I'm so used to playing a lot and being on the field. The veterans were laughing and giggling, joking about it, but I'm learning from it. I'm learning from the plays on the field that I made, and we're just going to continue to get better."

Adams on playing at MetLife as a Jet for the first time..."Unreal, putting on the jersey and the pants, going out there to compete. There's nothing like it. I know the stadium is going to be rocking even more come the regular season."

Tennessee QB Marcus Mariota on his first game action since breaking his fibula late last season..."It was a blessing. It's an honor and a privilege. The recovery process was a long one. To be out there today playing with the guys meant the world to me. I enjoyed it."

Titans coach Mike Mularkey on the loss to the Jets..."I think it is a wakeup call, that teams are not going to get caught off guard by us. They're going to come prepared to play, regardless of what the situation is, scrimmage, practice, preseason game. We've got to be prepared and I was just disappointed. I had a bad feeling, to be honest with you, going in, because my message was I just wanted a clean, really clean [game], not a lot of mistakes, not a lot of self-inflicted wounds, And I harped on that and we couldn't do it and I don't know why."

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