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Locker Room Sound Bites: Jets-Bills

Fitzpatrick, Decker & the Bills on the Jets' Offense, Forté on the Prospects of a 472-Touch Season


Selected quotes from the Jets' and Bills' locker rooms following the Jets' 37-31 victory on Thursday Night Football at New Arena Field:

Head coach Todd Bowles on the Jets' four-touchdown, 496-yard offense..."I thought they fought, they scrapped hard, they made some plays. Our big-time players made some big-time plays. I thought Ryan Fitzpatrick played a good ballgame and we scored some points, which were scarce the last couple of times we played them."

Ryan Fitzpatrick to Buffalo reporters on criticism he would get when he QB'd the Bills and if this win is especially satisfying because of that..."Not really. I mean, maybe for my dad. I have more confidence in myself than anyone else on this earth, I know that. I know I can make all of those throws, so when you guys say that, it doesn't really affect me all that much. But it'll give you guys something to write about for a week."

WR Eric Decker on the deep balls to him, Brandon Marshall and Quincy Enunwa in the game plan..."It's always in the game plan. It's just a matter of how the game's going, how Chan [Gailey] sees it, when he wants to take some chances, and we've talked about it all off season. We know we need to do more going forward just to keep defenses off balance and not have them play the short game. We want to spread the ball down the field and that will be a huge advantage for us."

S Calvin Pryor on watching the Jets offense when the D wasn't on the field..."You know the craziest part? Last night I dreamed that guys on the offense were going to have big numbers. I really didn't know how our defense would come along. I knew we had a great defense but I had a feeling that the offense came in with the mindset that they were going to get the job done tonight. They led us tonight, man."

WR Brandon Marshall on how serious he thought his second-quarter knee injury was..."I thought it was over. I thought I was going to be fishing in my back yard in Florida."

Marshall on talking with CB Stephon Gilmore after the game about the facemask that led to the knee injury..."One thing I was proud about Gilmore was that he and I got a chance to talk and he said he was just trying to get me down and he apologized. That is a stand-up guy. It's football. It happens."

Gilmore on the Jets' passing offense..."It wasn't their size or their routes. It was ... we just didn't make the plays. We played them before and we did a good job against them, but this time they did whatever they wanted to."

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor on the early 84-yard TD strike to WR Marquise Goodwin..."That was definitely something we talked about going into the game. We thought that it was an opportunity for us. Marquise and I made a great play."

Bowles on CB Marcus Williams, who had a key interception early in the final period..."It was big. Marcus competed all game. He didn't play that great last week. He came back tonight and he had a good ballgame and I was proud of him."

Bills coach Rex Ryan on how Fitzpatrick overcame his 1-8 record against Rex's teams and led the Jets' 493-yard offense..."He was hot and they were making plays. They were throwing them up there, they were throwing jumpballs up there and their guys were coming down with it. Just like we threw a jumpball up to Sammy, their guy came down with that one, too, the corner, Williams, I think. It's just one of those days. I mean, time and time again they kept throwing it up there and their guy kept coming away with it. You know, Brandon Marshall told me he's going to kick my butt today, and he was right. He did."

RB Matt Forte on if he'll want to scale back his workload after being on a pace for a 472-touch season in the first two games..."I don't know. I don't care, either. I'm going out there to play. As long as we keep winning, I don't care if I have 1,000 touches."

Forté on if he can be effective with 1,000 touches..."I think so."

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