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Lee Flashes in First NFL Game

Jets’ First-Round Selection Made His Presence Felt in Pro Debut


Rookie linebacker Darron Lee put together a productive outing in his first professional game. Lee played with the second team Thursday, compiling four total tackles, including one for loss and a sack. He had another TFL that was negated by a penalty and his performance caught the eye of head coach Todd Bowles.

"I saw him make some tackles," he said. "I need to see exactly how — whether he scraped correctly and all of those things — but he flashed quite a bit."

In the second quarter, Lee recorded the team's second sack of the night as he brought down Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne for a loss of two yards.  Defensive end Shelby Harris got around the edge and forced Henne to stumble forward in the pocket before Lee secured the sack.  

"Things actually started to slow down, but that's because we've been speeding it up in practice," Lee said. "The coaches challenge us to make those calls faster and more efficient."

The 6'1", 232-pounder started on special teams as well and was challenged aerobically by the double duty.

"I'm pretty tired from special teams, I'm not going to lie," Lee said. "But according to everybody else, that's what a rookie has to do. I have to keep running down on special teams, but still go out and make plays regardless if you're winded. But other than that, I had a lot of fun."

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