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Kelvin Beachum: 'We Have to Run the Ball Well'

Veteran T Wants to Establish Ground Game in Oakland, Readies for Mack and Irvin


Success against the Raiders this Sunday is a simple formula for Jets starting left tackle Kelvin Beachum.

"They have a very physical defensive line and I feel like we have a very physical offensive line. We have to run the ball well," he said this week. "If we can run the ball effectively, play pass when we need to, get chunk plays when we need to and be successful on first down."

The Jets moved the chains each time they gained at least five yards on first down in Buffalo, but the key for the offense this week is to do it more than five times. In order to achieve that goal, Beachum said the O-line needs to create holes for running backs Matt Forte and Bilal Powell. In Orchard Park, the pair averaged a combined 2.9 yards on 13 carries for 38 yards.

"They weren't getting penetration," Beachum said of the Bills defensive line. "We were able to get outside, but they were bringing a safety down pretty fast. Safeties have gaps just like linebackers and defensive ends. Their safeties were filling pretty fast, so for us, the counter would be to hit them with play action. We got them early with the play action, but weren't able to do that consistently."

The offensive line has a tough task this week with an Oakland front that features Khalil Mack. The 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Bruce Irvin combined for 18 sacks last year in their first season as teammates. Beachum is familiar with the duo as he lined up across from them last year while he was with the Jaguars.

"I was matched up against Irvin more, but you see both of them because they flip based on formation and calls that they have," he said. "I'll see both of them at some point in time in the game. They complement each other. Both are premiere edge rushers, they can both get to the passer. Just the fact that you can't really focus on one more than the other, both tackles have to stand up and get it done really. It's going to be a great test for us."

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