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Johnson Helps Launch NFL Women's Apparel

The NFL is very aware of its female fans, which is why the league called on Suzanne Johnson, wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson, and a number of other women in the NFL family to let the ladies know they've got nice things to wear for the new season.

"I think Jets fans are absolutely amazing and there are so many women who attend the games now," Suzanne said today from the league's VIP Style Suite at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York highlighting the launch of NFL Women's Apparel. "I will walk throughout the stadium during games and I never knew how many women were involved, so I think the women are going to really appreciate this.

"No matter who you are, what size you are, your level of fandom, there is a product in this line that you can purchase and that's what's most important. Nobody's left out. There is something for everybody and that's what the NFL is all about — including everybody. It's a big family event, it's a family tradition and we want to get everybody involved."

The event, which began at 10 a.m. and is set to wrap up at 5 p.m., was scheduled not only to unveil the new line of clothing but also to introduce the NFL party collection, bringing a "homegating" experience to life. Festivities today included football fashion, cupcake decorating and complimentary manicures.

And the Style Suite was hosted by many of the NFL's first women — besides Johnson, the list includes the Giants' Kathleen Mara and Gwen Reese, the Cowboys' Charlotte Anderson, the Chiefs' Tavia Hunt, the Steelers' Meghan Rooney, and the Redskins' Tanya Snyder, Sherri Shepherd and Daphne Oz.

"What better way to highlight rivalry than with women from the family of the NFL? So they called wives of the NFL executives," Suzanne said. "They called my husband and he asked me if I wanted to do it. They showed me the line. I thought it was absolutely amazing and that absolutely I'd love to participate."

Johnson said two things excite her about the new NFL-wear.

"First of all, I used to always wear the little boys' line because nothing fit. So I tend to like fitted clothes and I love fashion," she said. "But if you're not so much into fashion and you're a hostess, the NFL also introduced a new party line, which basically will show you how to style your home for a gameday party. So they're bringing the excitement of the parking lot into your home for 'homegating.' You can go online to style a room and basically buy the different items in the room."

Eric Allen and the video crew will have a feature on Suzanne Johnson and today's Style Suite on our site shortly. For more information on NFL Women's Apparel, you can click here to go to

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