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Jets-Seahawks Postgame Quotes: Defense

Full Quotes from Darron Lee, Calvin Pryor and Leonard Williams


Darron Lee:
"We're not panicking here. We have veterans who have been in this situation before. We can dig ourselves out of it and that's what we're just going to have to do."

[Full Darron Lee Transcript
](/assets/docs/2016/Postgame Quotes/100216-Seahawks/Lee-Darron-10.2.pdf)

Calvin Pryor:
"We have to communicate and execute better. It's simple."

[Full Calvin Pryor Transcript
](/assets/docs/2016/Postgame Quotes/100216-Seahawks/Pryor-Calvin-10-2.pdf)

Leonard Williams:
"Everybody in this locker room knows we have great talent and great leaders."

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