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Jets Saluting the Fans, in Case You Missed It


The fans at MetLife Stadium were instrumental in creating the atmosphere for our successful comeback victory against Tampa Bay on opening day. They helped force five presnap penalties on the visiting Buccaneers, waved their towels and roared as the Bucs were held to 250 yards and 12 first downs, and established the electrified background for Geno Smith's urgent push to Nick Folk's game-winning field goal with two seconds left.

And once the game was over, the Jets players returned to the field to salute and show their appreciation for the fans who helped them get the job done.

Will the team and the fans be able to team up again this Sunday … and in the six remaining home games after that? And will the players salute the fans in the stands after each home victory? If the fans continue to show the kind of support that they did on Sept. 8, staying until the final whistle blows to get a well-deserved tip of the helmet might just become a great new tradition for Jets Nation.

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