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Notebook | Jets Expect QB Jordan Travis to Be Healthy by Training Camp

Fourth-Round Pick Braelon Allen’s Wrestling Background Part of His Game; Mr. Irrelevant Not New to Competition


While the draft picks worked off to the side during Jets rookie minicamp, QB Jordan Travis, of two Jets fifth-round picks, had a different itinerary as he continues to rehab his broken leg.

"I feel great," Travis said Saturday. "Just focusing on today. Every day I have rehab. I'm giving my best. I'm trying to get ready as fast as possible. Obviously that's the goal. I'm just trying to get to be 100% and getting better every day.

"I've been doing a lot of different things. Squatting, gradually working back into it, so it's been good."

Travis tried to push the envelope this weekend but was quickly shot down.

"I got in stretch lines [Friday]," he said. "They pulled me out of there. I'm trying to get out there."

Jets head coach Robert Saleh said on Travis' availability: "We're trying to figure out what he can and can't do and whenever he's cleared medically, we'll work with him. But the anticipation is that he'll be ready by training camp."

He'll be on the shelf until he's cleared, but Travis will soon be surrounded by 30+ years of experience between Aaron Rodgers and Tyrod Taylor.

"I observe a lot," Travis said. "I'll watch every little thing that they do, but I'm going to ask a lot of questions for sure. You have two great quarterbacks ahead of you. I've been looking up to them for a long time and watching them for a long time, so having the opportunity to pick their brains every single day, see how they treat their teammates, how they carry themselves off and on the field, I'm looking forward to it for sure."

Wrestling Background at RB
Braelon Allen, the first of the Jets' two picks in Round 4, brings a new physicality to the offensive backfield.

The former Wisconsin RB was recruited as a safety with the likelihood that he would eventually move to linebacker. Allen, 6-1, 235, brings a defensive mentality to the backfield and uses his wrestling background to help him on the field.

"Physically, understanding leverage, hand fighting, things like that," he said. "But I think more so the mental part of it, the discipline from a super young age, having to cut weight, things like that. Learning what's good for you, what not to put in your body, all those things I've been able to carry with me."

He added of his physicality: "Honestly, it's just something that's been the way I've played my whole life. It was kind of my advantage as a young kid kind of being a little bit bigger than everybody else."

Allen will reunite with a familiar face from Wisconsin in Jets C Joe Tippmann. They played two years together for the Badgers where Allen was able to put together back-to-back 1,200-plus-yard seasons behind Tippmann's offensive line.

"It's going to be a lot of fun," Allen said of reuniting with Tippmann. "Obviously, I had a lot of success running behind him and the line that he held down at Wisconsin. Excited to be around him and play with him again."

Mr. Irrelevant
Everything is earned in the NFL, but that's not a new concept for seventh-round pick Jaylen Key, "Mr. Irrelevant." After five seasons at UAB, Key spent one season at Alabama, and it lived up to the bill.

"Going to Alabama, everything you hear, that's what it is," Key said. "Going in, you're not promised anything at all. You're promised that you can come in and compete for a starting job. Coming in, I was third on the depth chart. Seven-on-seven I was third, start of camp I was third and maybe by the first scrimmage I was starting. Just the chance to go in and compete at the highest level in college against the best talent in the country is what I was promised and it lived up to it."

Key, the last pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, is getting his bearings on being the new kid again.

"It hasn't been bad," he said. "Just come in, being around the other rookies, just going through the process of being a new guy. Being Mr. Irrelevant is something you get used to quickly because everyone is calling you Mr. Irrelevant while you're walking around the facility."

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