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Jets Historical Players: Active Roster, Did Not Play and All-Time Practice Squad

Players who appeared on the Jets' roster but did not appear in a game for the Jets during the year indicated (since 1989):

Anderson, Maurice, DT, Virginia (2000)

Anderson, Stevie, WR, Grambling State (1993)

Bell, Geno, DT, Arkansas (1998)

Bernstein, Alex, G, Amherst (1998)

Blake, Jeff, QB, East Carolina (1993)

Blanton, Ed, T, UCLA (2006)

Bollinger, Brooks, QB, Wisconsin (2003)

Brown, Lance, CB, Indiana (1996)

Bundren, Jim, OL, Clemson (1998)

Carter, Jonathan, WR, Troy State (2002)

Cavka, Marko, T, Sacramento State (2004)

Caylor, Drew, C, Stanford (2004)

Cecere, Mike, DE, Delaware (2001)

Fiore, Dave, G, Hofstra (1996)

Goddard, Na'Shan, OL, South Carolina (2006)

Goodspeed, Dan, OL, Kent State (2001)

Green, Cornell, T, Central Florida (2000, 2001)

Hamilton, Lawrence, WR, Stephen F. Austin (2003)

Harper, Alan, DT, Fresno State (2002, 2003)

Hilton, Zach, TE, North Carolina (2006)

Husak, Todd, QB, Stanford (2002)

Johnson, Mario, DT, Missouri (1993)

Johnson, Trevor, DE, Nebraska (2006)

Karczewski, Doug, G, Virginia (1998)

Kitchings, Desmond, WR, Furman (2000)

Kleinhesselink, Riley, DE (2001)

Lester, Fred, FB, Alabama A&M (1994)

Loverne, Dave, T, San Jose State (1999)

Malamala, Siupeli, T, Washington (1998)

Marshall, Anthony, S, Louisiana State (1997)

Martin, Jamie, QB, Weber State (2003)

McIver, Everett, LT, Elizabeth City State (1993)

Mercer, Giradie, DT, Marshall (2001)

Moreland, Jake, TE, Western Michigan (2001)

Nimmo, Lance, T, West Virginia (2003)

Norseth, Mike, QB, Kansas (1992)

O'Neill, Pat, K, Syracuse (1995)

O'Sullivan, Dennis, C, Tulane (1999)

Oglesby, Alfred, DT, Houston (1993, 1995)

Paci, John, QB, Indiana (1996)

Rambo, Ken-Yon, RB, Ohio State (2003)

Ray, Ricky, QB, Sacramento State (2004)

Reese, Johnathan, RB, Columbia (2003, 2004)

Rudolph, Coleman, DL, Georgia Tech (1994)

Scott, Guss, CB, Florida (2006)

Shedd, Kenny, WR, Northern Iowa (1993, 1994)

Slaughter, Chad, T, Alcorn State (2000)

Snell, Issac, OL, North Dakota State (2005)

Terry, Rick, DT, North Carolina (1998)

Thorpe, Deron, T, Nevada (1997)

Ware, David, T, Virginia (1993)

Wiegmann, Casey, C, Iowa (1996)

Wilhelm, Erik, QB, Oregon State (1995)

Willig, Matt, T, Southern California (1992)

Wisdom, Terrence, G, Syracuse (1994)

Yovanovits, Dave, G, Temple (2003)

Practice squad players who did not make Jets' active roster in year indicated (since inception of practice squad in 1989):

Adams, Darrell, DE, Villanova (2006)

Adams, Titus, DL, Texas (2006)

Allen, Alan, WR, Idaho (1995)

Alston, Corey, WR, Western Michigan (2001)

Anthony, Corwin, TE, UCLA (1991)

Barnes, Reggie, RB, Delaware State (1989)

Bell, Geno, DT, Auburn (1999)

Bell, Grantis, WR, West Virginia (1990)

Bradley, James, WR, Michigan State (1991)

Bragg, Craig, WR, UCLA (2005)

Brazzell, Chris, WR, Angelo State (1998)

Bryant, Blaise, RB, Iowa State (1991)

Burke, Paul, TE, Idaho (1994)

Burman, Jon, T, Illinois (1989)

Burnell, Keith, RB/WR, Delaware (2003, 2004)

Burns, Lamont, G, East Carolina (1998)

Cash, Ataveus, WR, Hampton (2002)

Conway, Brett, K, Penn State (1998)

Davison, Andrew, DB, Kansas (2004)

Derby, Glenn, T, Wisconsin (1989)

Donald, Tony, TE, Western State (CO) (2004)

Farmer, Robert, RB, Notre Dame (1997, 1998)

Fitch, Zarnell, DT, TCU(2006)

Flowers, Little John, RB, Michigan State (2002, 2003)

Gaine, Brian, TE, Maine (1996)

Gallery, Nick, P, Iowa (1997)

Gessner, Chas, WR, Brown (2004)

Green, Yatil, WR, Miami (FL) (2000)

Guest, Craig, LB, Buffalo (1997)

Haley, Dennis, LB, Virginia (2005)

Hannah, Shane, G, Michigan State (1997)

Hansen, Carl, DT, Stanford (1999)

Harrell, Reggie, WR, TCU (2005)

Hart, Lawrence, TE, Southern (LA) (1998, 1999)

Hayes, Mark, T, Arizona State (1991)

Hodge, Alfonso, CB, Miami (OH) (2006)

Hofland, Mark, T, Maryland (1990)

Husak, Todd, QB, Stanford (2001)

Jackson, Marlion, RB, Saginaw Valley State (2000, 2001)

Jenkins, Pepper, LB, Long Beach State (1991)

Johnson, Alonzo, WR, Central State (1997)

Jones, Clarence, WR, Tennessee State (1996)

Karczewski, Doug, G, Virginia (1999)

Kearney, Carl, WR, Georgia Southern (2004)

Kenney, Brad, DT, The Citadel (1996)

Kinard, Leroy, RB, Liberty (1991)

King, Michael, OL, Northwestern State (LA) (2005)

Kowalewski, Joe, TE, Syracuse (2006)

Kracalik, Mike, OL, San Diego State (2005)

Kurz, Todd, P, Illinois State (1997)

Lamkin, Corey, TE, Texas A&M- Corpus Christi (2005)

Lockhart, Radell, DL, Catawba (2005)

Maddox, Andre, S, North Carolina State (2006)

Mailo, Faaesea, G, USC (2002)

Manupuna, Vaka, DT, Colorado (2006)

Mariscal, Mark, P, Colorado (2003)

Marshall, Keyonta, DT, Grand Valley State (2006)

McChesney, Matt, DT, Colorado (2006)

McCullough, Russ, T, Missouri (1993)

McGill, Tim, DT, Illinois (2004)

Megna, Marc, LB, Richmond (1999)

Millen, Alec, T, Georgia (1993)

Missant, Charles, C, Western Michigan (2006)

Moore, Brandon, G, Illinois (2002, 2003)

Moore, Cecil, WR, East Tennessee State (2003)

Moore, Reggie, WR, UCLA (1991, 1992)

Munch, John, LB, Illinois Wesleyan (1998)

Musso, Brian, WR, Northwestern (1998)

Myers, Leonard, CB, Miami (FL) (2003)

Nelson, Chico, FS, Ohio State (1994)

Nerys, Jason, G, Delaware (2004)

Newman, David, TE, Louisiana Tech (2001)

O'Sullivan, Dennis, C, Tulane (2001)

Ofenhuesle, Will, T, Tennessee (2003)

Peko, Siitupe, OL, Michigan State (2001)

Player, Scott, P, Florida State (1997)

Prior, Anthony, DB, Washington State (1992)

Rafferty, Ian, T, North Carolina State (2000)

Rawlings, Josh, T, Minnesota (2001)

Reese, Johnathan, RB, Columbia (2002)

Riley, Phillip, WR, Florida State (1996)

Seals, Richard, DT, Utah (2000)

Snell, Issac, OL, North Dakota State (2006)

Stark, Troy, T, Georgia (1996)

Stephens, Richard, OT, Tulsa (1989)

Stewart, Vince, DT, Penn State (1995)

Strojny, Drew, OT, Duke (2005)

Stubbs, Terrence, WR, Temple (2004)

Studstill, David, S, West Virginia (1995)

Syvrud, J.J., LB, Jamestown (ND) (2000)

Thomas, Sloan, WR, Texas (2006)

Turner, Rob, WR, Central Michigan (2003)

Ward, Derrick, FB, Ottawa (2004)

Weaver, Jarrell, S, Miami (FL) (2004)

White, Jose, DL, Howard (1996)

Wilcox, Daniel, TE, Appalachian State (2002)

Williams, Renauld, LB, Hofstra (2005)

Williams, Wayne, CB, Louisiana State (1992)

Witherspoon, Jovan, WR, Central Michigan (2005)

Young, Allen, DE, Vanderbilt (1995)

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