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Jets Enter Camp as a 'Tight-Knit Group'

Veterans Josh McCown and Matt Forté Believe Young Jets Are Coming Together


The Jets started to build solid chemistry in the spring and they would like to continue those good vibes at training camp.

"It was a privilege to get to come in and be a part of something like that, just the team building," said veteran QB Josh McCown as the team reported to training camp. "Hats off from the top down on fostering an environment that allows that to happen. I won't go into much more than that, but just suffice to say it was just the feeling, the vibe that we had was we came together and we worked. It was a good vibe and it was fun to be around and it was encouraging. You look forward to coming to work every day when you have guys like that and you have a group like that, so I really enjoyed it."

After a number of significant offseason changes, running back Matt Forte contends the locker room dynamic has changed for the better.*

*"It's a more tight-knit group where everybody respects everybody as a man, but also as an athlete and a competitor," said the 31-year-old runner. "We're going out there to compete against each other, but also to make each other better. So I think it's a different kind of vibe, feel, but in a good way."

McCown, who elected to sign with the Green & White for the opportunity to compete for a starting position, said it will be easy for the team in transition to ignore the outside prognostication.  

"We're together so much that it's a great place to come in and build chemistry and be in that together, and so we don't pay attention to that too much because we're so busy trying to build our team," he said. "We rely on each other to do that, and like I said earlier, the standard and the belief that we have within those walls is high and that's what we're chasing."

After a 5-11 campaign and having moved on from a number of prominent veterans, the Jets will continue to insulate themselves from the low expectations coming from multiple media outlets.

"I really don't think anybody cares about that and I think that we are just looking forward to training camp, and getting better every day and working our hardest out there to make each other better during this time, so that training camp can push us forward into the season and not even worry about that stuff," Forté  said.* "*We're going to play this season and these games one game at a time and training camp is one practice at a time. That is what we're looking most forward to."

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