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Jets Draft Central: Your Complete Source for the 2009 Draft


Find everything you need on this page for comprehensive New York Jets coverage and complete analysis of NFL prospects leading up to and during the 2009 NFL Draft.

We're proud of the predraft coverage we've provided Jets fans and NFL followers for the last month and more. And the great thing about the Internet is that this material remains at your fingertips for the parts of the four remaining days before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces the first choice of the draft shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday, and will still be available in the days, weeks and months after the draft, when all these players are striving to make the league's rosters for the 2009 season.

To help you in your pre- and postdraft research, we've compiled and categorized a list of the stories and videos we've done so that you can read about the wide receivers for the first time or refresh your memory about the defensive linemen available in the draft, and so on.

New York Jets Picks in the 2009 Draft (as of 4/26/09)

 Round Rd. No. Overall How Acquired/Pick Made
1 5 5 **QB Mark Sanchez**
1 17 17 Traded to Browns*
2 20 52 Traded to Browns
3 1 65 **RB Shonn Greene**
3 12 76 From NO in Jonathan Vilma trade
Traded to Lions
3 19 83 To GB in Brett Favre trade
4 15 115 From WAS in Pete Kendall trade Traded to Lions
4 18 118 To NO in Vilma trade
5 17 153 To PHI in Lito Sheppard trade
6 20 193 OG Matt Slauson *
7 19 228 Traded to Lions

Mock Drafts, Scouting and Combine Analysis (produced by Real Football, an independent scouting service)
2.23  Hot, Cold and Noteworthy at the NFL Combine
3.27  Reviewing the Combine, Position by Position
3.27  AFC East Needs: the Jets and the Patriots
3.24  AFC East Needs: the Bills and the Dolphins 4.01  First Round 1 Mock Draft 4.13  Second Round 1 Mock Draft
4.14  Round 2 Mock Draft 4.21  [Final Round 1 Mock Draft

](/news/article-1/mock-shock-monroe-not-stafford-to-lions/48ac4a17-79f7-11df-ba56-acc8e62813e9)College Draft Prospects Who Visited the Jets in April
4.06  Several Draft Prospects Visit the Jets Today
4.07  Jets Host Eight Draft Candidates
4.08  QBs, RBs, Raji Come to Town for Visits
4.09  Matthew Stafford and Others Come Calling


Draft Prospect Highlight Videos by Position
Top 10 QBs
Top 10 DBs
Top 10 RBs/FBs
Top 10 LBs
Top 10 OL
Top 10 DL
Top 10 WRs/TEs

Press Conferences
4.17 Predraft Press Conference

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