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Jets Close Chat About Richardson's Snap

Todd Bowles Says Richardson Was Remorseful, Doesn’t Say if Jets DL Will Miss Time


After meeting with Sheldon Richardson about the defensive lineman's pregame video posted on Rontez Miles' Snapchat account, Jets HC Todd Bowles was ready to turn the page on Tuesday.

"It's not a recurring thing. Again, we don't condone what he did," he reiterated. "He didn't go out and rob a bank. He didn't shoot anybody. He said two foul words on Snapchat. In the day of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, anything you say in the line of business we are in is detrimental to the team.

"We don't condone it. We don't want it. It was a mistake on his part. He understands that. He was remorseful. We handled it internally."

Miles said he and Richardson were attempting to send a private message to a mutual friend.

"We were actually talking to our friend, it was supposed to be a private snapchat," he said. "I handed him my phone, the next day I woke up and everybody was talking about it. (I) was definitely surprised. It was an inside joke with him and one of our old teammates and it just got out of hand. We have to be more careful."

The 26-year-old Richardson, in his fourth season with the Jets, said Bowles expects him to make him better decisions.

"He knows me, so he knows I didn't need any harm by it. What I was doing, I would never say that publicly to let everyone know how I play around and stuff," Richardson told reporters. "He said I know how you are, you're relaxed and in that situation you were playing around. But you have to be more careful and be more mindful. You know that already. He's tired of repeating himself."

Veteran WR Brandon Marshall expects Richardson to learn from the social experience.

"We make mistakes and he'll learn from that," Marshall said. "I think Coach said that it's unacceptable and Sheldon knows that. We all make mistakes. I've made mistakes in the past, I continue to make mistakes. You just have to learn from it."

Neither Bowles or Richardson elected to say whether Richardson would be benched for any amount of time Saturday vs. the Patriots.

"It's a social media gaffe, not something else. He didn't go out and jump off a bridge or push anybody off a building," Bowles said. "It's a social media gaffe. We took care of it. It's not something else that popped up. It's a media gaffe and we moved on."

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