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Jets-Cardinals: Locker Room Sound Bites

Fitzpatrick & Smith on the Subject of Changing QBs, Revis & Forté on How to Escape the 1-5 Hole


Selected quotes from the Jets' locker room at University of Phoenix Stadium after their 28-3 loss to the Cardinals on Monday Night Football:

Ryan Fitzpatrick on what wasn't working right for the Jets' offense vs. the Cardinals..."Tonight was a mixture of things, but in the first half especially, I didn't hit some throws that I've got to hit. There were probably four occasions where I could've made a better play. I think we had some penalties, we had some longer third-down distances, but we still had the throws and I didn't make them. As an offense, we're just not consistent right now, and the offense goes as the quarterback goes, so I've got to play better."

Fitzpatrick on the possibility of change at the quarterback position in the coming weeks..."We're sitting at 1-5, so there's obviously stuff that needs to change. And I would love to be a part of the change and get it headed in the right direction. It's a tough situation for everybody because we didn't think we'd be in this situation. But I've dealt with plenty of adversity and played with plenty of adversity in my life. I just think the biggest thing as a quarterback is those guys in the huddle, when they look at you, have to be confident. I think I have that. You can go in the locker room and ask them all, if you want, but that's probably the most important quality for a quarterback is to have the confidence of everybody else in the huddle."

Geno Smith on if he said before the game that he's "getting antsy" about wanting to play..."Yeah, but that's not just me. Every guy who isn't out there wants to be out there. That's the nature of the business, that's what makes us competitors and that's how we got here. So of course I want to be out there. But I understand there's always a protocol and coaches are going to make the decisions. And I'm going to be ready when my number's called. That's just how I roll."

WR Brandon Marshall on the Fitzpatrick end zone interception..."We should have scored. That pick was on me. I kind of screwed him on that. I thought there was going to be an inside-out double on me and I slowed down, so that's on me. If I keep going, I make that play."

RB Matt Forte on what the Jets need to do to turn around their season..."Do the opposite of what we've been doing during games. Eliminate the penalties, execute the play right, block the right people, make the plays we're not making."

Forté on if that's easier said than done six games into the season..."It's always easier said than done. Saying we were a playoff team was easier said than done. Saying we were going to build off of last year was easier said than done."

Rookie WR Charone Peake on if coach Todd Bowles' observation that the Jets need to make plays at critical times will work..."Yeah, that definitely will. And we have plenty of guys in our facility that can make plays. It's going to happen eventually, and it's going to be a spark to our season."

CB Darrelle Revis on how the Jets can still turn things around this season..."There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Me, personally, I have been in some bad situations on teams of not doing so good in-season. You have to be optimistic about the year and I think that is how we have to look at it. ... We just have to continue to execute better and focus on one game at a time. If we do that, we can be in a great position by the bye week."

Head coach Todd Bowles on the Jets defense blitzing more in this game..."We got back to ourselves. We know we're a pressure team and the corners have to make plays and some times the corners were out there and they made good throws and made some plays and there were some times we stopped the run. We just got back to playing faster. Playing fast leads to tipped balls and hopefully, eventually, leads to some turnovers."

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