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JESSICA: Exciting Times in Hawaii

Hey, Jets fans! I am having such a blast in Hawaii! I had my first appearance on a Marine base for the children for Play 60. It was so nice to see the kids and how excited they were to see us. We cheered them on as they were playing their games and then we performed two routines for them, which they loved! Although I am so excited to be here, I have to say that everyone here in Hawaii has made us feel like they are just as excited that we are all here.

I experienced my first luau today. It amazes me how talented the performers were and the music was very enjoyable.

We had practice for the first time at the stadium this morning, which included dancing on the stage to prepare for the pregame routine. Every time we ran the number, I got more and more excited for gameday.

All of the cheerleaders are awesome individuals and each brings something special to the team. I will miss them so much after this week is over. I know I have built some friendships that will last a lifetime, not to mention the memories that will stay with me forever.

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm at home and I hope you enjoyed the game!


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