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Jamal Adams Clarifies: 'It's Simply About Passion'

Jets Rookie Safety Says His Remarks at Monday Fan Forum Were About His Love for the Game


Jamal Adams made it clear after today's training camp practice that when he had one intent only when he offered remarks at Monday's fan forum at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center about his love for the game of football:

"It's simply about passion."

Adams, the Jets' first-round rookie safety, said he felt it was important, as did head coach Todd Bowles, that he clarify the statement he made a day earlier at the forum when he said: "Literally, if I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field."

With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on hand and the largest update on the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy — CTE — in the headlines, many described Adams' comments as curious or awkward.

Adams said his reference had nothing to do with CTE and everything to do with his love for the game.

"When you see something that's blown up, that's on First Take on ESPN, I think it should be addressed," he said today in front of a group of Jets reporters in an interview tent outside the team's facility. "My words were simply that I'm very passionate about what I do. I said at the beginning [of Monday's remarks] while you guys were there that I'm all about making the game safer. I understand the CTE symptoms and how families are affected. But it's simply about passion."

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The Jets' sixth overall pick of the April draft out of LSU said he talked about the media and fan reaction with his father, George Adams, the Giants' first-round pick in 1985, but said that father/son conversation would remain private.

But he added that Bowles "basically said, 'you've got to clear that up.' He understood what I said and it's all about passion. I can see where it's affected some families and some people, but again, it's all about passion and love for the game."

How much does Jamal Adams love this game? His reply today:

"I love this game so much. When I come on this field — this is my job now — I'm very passionate. I go to war with my brothers every day. It's sacrifice, it's a long sacrifice that a lot of people don't understand what we go through, the ins and outs. When we're on the field, this is my playground, this is where I'm most at peace. And this is what I love to do."

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