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JACQUELINE: A Day in Front of the TV Cameras

Eight members of the New York Jets Flight Crew are now in Mexico City, representing the NFL at different appearances around the city. Each day we will be hearing from a different Flight Crew Cheerleader on what she and the group did in Mexico's capital. Today's Flight Crew blogger: Jacqueline.

Hola, Jets fans! its Jacqueline here from wonderful Mexico City. We just finished our second action-packed day filled with lots of television and interview opportunities.

We started our day dining at Frutas y Flores, a restaurant in the hotel, for breakfast, and then hopped right onto our bus and headed to Televisa, the largest Spanish broadcast station in the world. When we got there, we recorded various "bumpers," which will used when going into commercials when they broadcast Jets games.

We had a crash course in Spanish and they taught us various phrases to say like "Merry Christmas" and "Watch the NFL on Televisa Deportes." They taped us performing some of our routines, which will be used as well. They also interviewed four of us, including myself, asking us various questions about our team, and how we are enjoying our stay in Mexico. It was such a wonderful experience. What we filmed will be will be shown throughout the country and we got a chance represent our Jets!

After Televisa, we headed to a great restaurant called Guadiana, where we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch of guacamole, tacos and various types of Mexican food.

After lunch it was back to work at SKY TV facilities. There we were interviewed by their host, Laura, who was incredibly friendly, and she talked to us about being NFL cheerleaders. We signed autographs and took pictures, and then finally went to our last interview at Estadio newspaper.

After our long and exciting day, we made it back to our wonderful hotel, and are getting ready for another amazing day here in Mexico City!

Look for the next blog tomorrow. Adios!

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