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In Their Own Words | What Did the Jets Say About the Rally In Cleveland?

Some of the Best Quotes From After the Jets Thrilling, 31-30, Victory Over Cleveland


Head Coach Robert Saleh

On the final minutes of the game and how the locker room after:"You can hear it. We're off the schneid. I love the way this feels. [We have to] find a way to stack them up. There is a lot of stuff that we have to clean up, but I'm just proud of the guys because we didn't quit. That's probably the biggest thing that I'll take away from it."

QB Joe Flacco

On if it was one of the craziest endings of his career:
"I do not know where it ranks, but it is up there. Look, at one point you're sitting on the bench, and they have the opportunity to run the clock out. Obviously when he [Nick Chubb] scores, you are thinking, okay, that is not what he is supposed to do. But I am sure they were still thinking 'O.K., it is 30-17.' That play to C.D. [Jets WR Corey Davis] obviously quieted the crowd a little bit. You have to give credit to the guys on the sideline, the guys that were in this game. The fact that they just kept believing and kept doing their job, this is what happens. Sometimes you worry about what is in front of him, all that he can control, and next thing you know, the outcome is what it is."

DL Solomon Thomas

On what Saleh and support of the defense means to this locker room:
"That gives us confidence, that fact that he believes in us so much that he is going out to one of the harshest medias and saying 'hey I am taking receipts.' And I don't know who does not believe that because I believe in it so much. So that means the world to us and we want to have his back. We know how hard we work. So we want to show everyone, show the world how good the Jets can be."

On how the win changes the team's outlook:
"Being 1-1 versus 0-2 is huge difference in this league. It makes a huge difference. Having to come back from two losses to having a chance to be above .500 is huge. Next week let's get above. .500."

WR Corey Davis

On what the win means to the*team:*
"It is really good for us to get a W early, a hard-fought victory, scratch and claw. Luckily, we have the right guys in this locker room to get it done."

On the importance of Saleh talking up 60%:
"No question. He knows a few things. That 60% really resonates with me especially and I know it does with the whole offense. He told us that the last couple of drives and that is all I was thinking about. That was the difference. It definitely helps."

RB Breece Hall

On the young talent and building from the win:
"Like Coach Saleh says, 'Just give that 60%.' I feel like he is definitely going to humble us in the meeting tomorrow and I feel like he is going to tell us that we left a lot out there. We're going to definitely enjoy this tonight."

RB Michael Carter

On how the Jets can build off the win:
"We are a confident group already. It is just a matter of showing ourselves that we can put a win together. No matter what, we did not quit. We did not quit last week. We know that we are a confident group. We were moving the ball last week but could not score. Today, we decided to finish on both sides. We played complimentary football."

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