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In Storm, Jets will Stay with Sanchez

You can expect the Jets to make changes during the bye week, but there won't be any movement at quarterback on top of the depth chart.

"I think Mark (Sanchez) gives us the best chance to win.  That's how I feel," Rex Ryan told reporters during a Monday morning conference call.  "Can Tim (Tebow) be successful?  Yes.  Absolutely and I think we need to look at that as well.  But in my opinion, Mark as a starting quarterback gives my football team the best chance to win."

The Jets went into the bye staggering, dropping a 30-9 contest Sunday to the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium.  A week after Sanchez threw for 328 yards and the offense amassed 403 total yards in a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots, Sanchez completed 28 of 54 against the 'Fins with two turnovers (a strip sack and a red zone interception) and he was sacked four times.  The Green & White were just 5 of 17 on  third-down and they didn't get into the end zone until the game was out of hand in the fourth quarter.

"At times Mark looked pretty good...  When he had time to set his feet, he was fairly accurate with the football," Coach Ryan said.  "We had some drops in there — we had a big drop in the end zone once.  I think Mark's our guy.  I don't think there's any doubt about that.  I'm confident in Mark.  We just have to look as a whole what we can do.  Are there things we can do to help?"

Tebow is part of the whole. And while he isn't in line to get his first start at QB, he may receive more offensive opportunities.  At the season's midway point, Tebow has 26 touches and 110 total yards.

"I think we'll take a hard look at how we're using him, what we're asking him to do," Ryan said.  "Are there other things we can do with him?"

If Tebow is frustrated, he wouldn't be alone.  The Jets have lost four of five and two of their losses in the season's first half were home routs.  

"Every competitor wants to be out there playing more, so it wouldn't be shocking if that's how he felt," Ryan said of Tebow.  "We just want to win.  I think as a football team we're frustrated."

Some members of Jets Nation in attendance at MetLife Stadium Sunday booed Sanchez and chanted for Tebow, but  Nick Mangold says the team will stick together.

"We learned last year that pointing fingers doesn't help anybody," said the All-Pro center.  "I think we have  a pretty good locker room where we all understand that it comes down to execution.  When we don't execute, we don't do good things.  It's not going to matter if we have Joe Namath back there.  If we don't execute, nothing is going to work."

Ryan characterized Sunday's defeat as "a big step back" and he is asking each member of his coaching staff to help find remedies.   He has ordered his players to get their families situated as Hurricane Sandy targets the Northeast, so they won't officially meet as a team until next Monday.

"Is is little changes?  Is it radical changes?  I'm up for any suggestion," he said.  

Just eight days after nearly taking charge of the AFC East, the landscape looks entirely different as everyone braces for a frightening storm on the East Coast.

"We have to be all in.  The only chance we have is we are 100 percent all in and let's put it out there," Ryan said.  "We have no wiggle room.  We have to start playing a ton better."

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