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Grass Field, Big Hitting Ahead This Morning


I saw a few strange things on the way to my Cortland Stadium pressbox perch. On the walk over, in the short distance, I saw goalposts moving. From up above, I saw newly lined sod, ready for large men in cleated shoes to jump up and down on.

Dream sequence? No, the Jets' move to the Cortland grass field is on.

The goalposts were being moved into place. Today's practice will be held on the field behind the pressbox and the stadium turf field on which the Jets had held their first eight practices over the first four days of training camp.

The feature of this morning's show will be the first short-yardage/goal-line drills of camp. To borrow a phrase head coach Rex Ryan used from his past to describe Monday's feisty practice, more "Rock-'Em-Sock-'Em Robots."

S Kerry Rhodes has already tweeted in on the subject this morning, saying:

tyson vs. holyfield = Jets practice yesterday today its gonna be Ali vs. Frazier lets see who wins the short yardage day. O or the D???

For those keeping score on the field and at home, the new number on the field is No. 86, TE Kevin Brock, acquired on waivers from Carolina late Monday. Tribute to Chris Baker? No, that was the number that Brock, the Rutgers product, wore while with the Panthers.

We'll be back around noon with the morning practice wrapup. Keep track of the practice's highlights by following us on our Twitter account, Today Kyle Richardson (whose tweets will be preceded by his initials, KR:) will start out providing the blow by blow.

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