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Garrett Wilson Already Bonding on Jets Practice Field with Aaron Rodgers

2nd-Year Player 'Honored' His New 'Legend' QB Has Compared Part of His Game to Another Famous No. 17


Count Garrett Wilson among the many Jets players, coaches and fans who are blown away by having Aaron Rodgers in the house.

"I saw him in the weight room my first day. It takes a little time to sink in. It probably didn't sink in for me until I caught my first ball from him," Wilson said Wednesday during a break in the Jets' Phase 2 offseason workouts. "That's a legend right there, a Hall of Fame player. That's something that 20 or 30 years from now, I can tell my kids I played with Aaron Rodgers."

If it took a while for that to sink in, just think about hearing that the Jets' new GOAT-worthy QB compared part of your game to one of the NFL's very best pass-catchers. Rodgers did that Tuesday when he likened some of Wilson's skills to those of Davante Adams, who played his first eight pro seasons with Rodgers in Green Bay.

"Garrett, he's a talented guy," Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show on YouTube Tuesday. "I threw him a pass and I kind of turned and was like, 'Wow!' Just his ability to get in and out of breaks. There was a number 17 I played with for a long time that does it better than anybody. ... The 17 here is pretty similar."

Wilson, the Jets' 17, heard about the comparison to the Packers' former 17 and was pleased ... but only to a point.

"I did see that, and that's awesome. That's great company to be in. Davante was my favorite receiver all-time, damn near," Wilson said. "To be mentioned in the same sentence, I'm honored."

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Then Wilson got back into his football frame of mind.

"Davante Adams is the best receiver in the league. That's great. But I know where I want to be at. I've got take all that with a grain of salt."

Wilson was all business as the Jets' 10th overall pick out of Ohio State last year and he remains so in his second Green & White offseason, No. 8 throwing him passes notwithstanding.

"I'm definitely getting asked to do a few different things that I like," he said of his new offense, not just with Rodgers at QB but with Nathaniel Hackett coordinating the offense and Zach Azzanni as his new WRs coach. "I want to be a complete football player, things like being involved in the run game, being more physical, putting emphasis on certain things like that."

"It is similar to what we learned this past year, but there's tweaks with everything. The things that Coach Hack likes to do and A-Rod likes to do, I'm excited. I feel like we're going to have a chance to put some points on the board. We've been learning a lot, and whenever we take it out to the field, it's like, wow, we're further along than we thought we were in the meeting room."

Being more physical can mean presenting a larger frame, which is something else Wilson is doing differently this offseason. His 6-0 height hasn't changed but he said he finished last season at 181 pounds, he's at 188 now, and since he loses a lot of weight during the season, he wants to get into the 190s. "I've got a little time to put on the l-b's [pounds] and not lose flexibility."

Wilson also will have a little more time this offseason to get in on the A-Rod bandwagon. He wasn't in the traveling squad that made it along with Rodgers and fellow WR Allen Lazard to the Devils-Rangers playoff game at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, then returned to MSG on Tuesday sit courtside with, among others, Wilson's fellow rookie monster Sauce Gardner to take in the Knicks-Heat playoff game.

"I just asked him this morning why I can't get tickets to the Knicks game. I got to figure out how I can get in with them and bum a seat," Wilson said. "I'm a homebody. I don't reach out much, I don't text much. But I'd love to tag along on one of those little trips to the city they've been going on. We'll figure it out soon."

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