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Ganaway Soaking Up the 'Fun' of Minicamp

If you ever wanted an accurate portrayal of what rookie minicamp is like, all you have to do is sit down with RB Terrance Ganaway for a couple of moments.

"Enjoyable, fun, fast and a lot of information," said the Baylor product, who was the Jets' second sixth-round selection one week ago. "A lot of messing up, blown assignments and stuff like that. Just trying to fit in where you fit in and make plays. It's been fun, very long days. But this is what you dream of and it's just going to make it all worthwhile in the end."

At the beginning of camp, the players received a condensed version of the playbook and had no time to put studying off.

"We got the abbreviated version. They said when we get back for OTAs, it's about 10 inches thick. I got about half an inch right now, so I don't know how it's going to go," Ganaway said. "But the coaches are great. They know how to run a system, they know how to put things in, they know how to make sure you know what you're doing to go out there and best be productive."

Ganaway, who wore No. 42 this weekend, grew attached to the playbook Friday evening.

"I told Coach [Anthony] Lynn last night I slept on my book to try to remember some of it. You learn a lot in the classroom," he said. "It's fast, fast, fast and it seems like the last 10 minutes in the classroom is when the most information is given. Then, boom, you're out on the practice field and you're like, 'What did we just go over?' Just trying to learn on the go and have fun while doing it."

Last season, Ganaway broke out in a big way for the Bears as he amassed 1,547 yards on the ground and 21 TDs. In his first three college seasons combined, he rushed for 1,047 yards and 13 scores. On Saturday, the squatty back neatly picked a hole and ripped off a long-gainer. But this is a guy who likes contact and it's difficult to ignore his instincts.

"I try to be smart, so when I get to the safety I don't like to shake. So safeties are running at me now, and I'm running downhill and I'm looking at them," he said. "They're not letting up and I'm not letting up, so I just like stop because I really don't want to run over them. I don't really have any juke moves — it's not like I'm about to sidestep them. We're just doing what we have to right now. We'll get the pads on soon enough and then I'll be as tough as I need to be."

Ever positive, Ganaway has enjoyed his first week as a professional. After trading Baylor green for Jets green, he is hungry for his opportunity.

"It's been fun. Ever since I got drafted, I fell in love with the organization right overnight. No, it didn't even take that long — after the phone call I was in love with it — but just being on a high for a week," he said. "It's a blessing that God gave me and my family. I'm just going take full advantage of it, seize the opportunity and get ready to go."

Camp will conclude today with one closed session and then players will depart for their various homes across the nation. In addition to learning the voluminous playbook, the 6'1" Ganaway has an additional homework assignment.

"Get in shape. Work out, get in shape. Work out, get in shape," he said. "Come back as healthy as possible and in tip-top shape, so I can compete with the veterans and let them know I'm here to push them to get better."

The goal for Ganaway is to make changes in his diet and cut down on his fat percentage. Two days down and the process has just begun.

"I think the low 230s is where Coach Lynn wants me at. Right now, I'm 240, 238, around there. I'm just trying to fit in where I fit in," Ganaway said. "I'm going to have to go on this diet and I guess it's not a diet. I'm going to have to change the way I eat. It's going to be the death of me for real, just trying to shed as much fat as I can throughout this process."

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