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Game Picks: Jets vs. Patriots

The Experts Take Their Shot at This Week's Matchup against New England


David Steele

Pick: Patriots, 36-21

This had to look like such a headliner of a game when the schedule first came out: late November, rivalry game, Jets trying to move up against their traditional nemesis. The Jets' season has sunk, though, and Todd Bowles is sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback. The Patriots' defense has vulnerabilities, but expecting Fitzpatrick to suddenly stop his pick fetish is asking a lot.

Pete Prisco, Senior NFL Columnist

Pick: Patriots, 31-20

This looked like it might be a big game when the season started. The Jets ruined that. The Patriots are playing consecutive road games, and this could be the Jets' Super Bowl. But it won't matter. The Jets aren't good and Tom Brady is rolling.

Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst

Pick: Patriots, 24-16

Can you believe it's been four years since the Butt Fumble?

If not, tune in to this AFC East showdown. You're certain to see Mark Sanchez's blooper reel a few thousand times from kickoff to final whistle.

It'll mask the fact Gang Green needs a historically laughable turnover to be blown out by New England. The Jets almost always play the Patriots close and into the fourth quarter. It only helps their case that Ryan Fitzpatrick is back at the helm instead of Bryce Petty, who has no familiarity with Bill Belichick's defense.

New York's own defense should be a blessing and a curse. The fearsome threesome of Mo Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams will halt any running-game momentum Josh McDaniels attempts to establish. But the Patriots' coordinator knows he can attack his rivals with deep throws. Expect another long toss to Malcolm Mitchell against an aging secondary.

Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst

Pick: Patriots, 28-14

The Jets always seem to play the Patriots tough. But what is Todd Bowles going to get from his offense? Do you believe in FitzMagic?? Probably not. Meanwhile, New England is coming back from a long West Coast trip that could cause them to come out flat -- but flat enough to lose to a struggling team starting a quarterback with 13 picks in nine games? Well, Bowles' group is coming out of a bye week. Hopefully that translates to fresh legs for Matt Forte.

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