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Game Picks: Jets vs. 49ers

The Experts Take Their Shot at This Week's Matchup


David Steele

Pick: Jets, 20-16

It's on the schedule and they sold tickets, so … How do you pick between the two teams that served up the most embarrassing performances of Week 13? At least the 49ers were just bad; the Jets looked like they didn't want to be there. Bryce Petty's goal is to prove something, and to stay healthy enough to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick on the bench forever. His 49ers counterpart might be Blaine Gabbert, because apparently some people haven't seen enough of him yet.

Pete Prisco, Senior NFL Columnist

Pick: 49ers, 12-10

This is a long trip on a short week for the Jets. I wonder where their focus will be. But the 49ers are really a mess. Somebody has to win, right? I'll go with the home team.

Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst

Pick: 49ers, 17-15

Stack these two rosters side-by-side, and the Jets look better by a mile.

I just can't pick them, though. Not after watching Todd Bowles' talented defense fold like a paper bag to end Week 13. And not after watching Bryce Petty attempt to play a passable quarterback and fail.

Following that blowout loss with a cross-country trip won't be easy. Effort is still a concern; San Francisco still plays tough and runs the ball better behind Colin Kaepernick and Carlos Hyde. It won't be afraid to test its better-than-advertised line against Gang Green.

Give me the bad home team over the more talented team that could care less.

Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst

Pick: Jets, 20-17

The Jets start winning in time to not earn a top-five pick, just the way their fans don't like it. Bryce Petty should encounter easy pickins in the red zone against the 49ers' secondary -- San Francisco has allowed 26 touchdown receptions this season. At least the run defense makes up for it by ranking dead last in the NFL. Would you believe opponents already have rushed for more than 2,000 yards on the 49ers? Whatever they were paying NaVorro Bowman, they should double it and add that indoor bubble-bath pool Tony Montana owned at his pad. On the plus side for San Francisco, no one on the Jets looked like they were interested in tackling Monday night.

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