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Game Picks: Jets at Browns

The Experts Weigh In on This Week's Matchup


Sporting News
David Steele
Pick: Jets, 27-20Another window for the Browns to jump off the 0-16 train. Also a window for Ryan Fitzpatrick to not be so Ryan Fitzpatrick-y, the way Todd Bowles wants him to be. The Browns' defense is a good one for the Jets to ground-and-pound. Rookie Kevin Hogan gets on the Cleveland quarterback conveyor belt.
Pete Prisco, Senior NFL Columnist
Pick: Jets, 23-13This is Ryan Fitzpatrick back in at quarterback for the Jets with Geno Smith out for the year. The Browns compete each week, but they aren't good enough to win yet. This might be their best chance to win, but I just don't see it happening.

Bleacher Report
Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst
Pick: Jets, 23-21Todd Bowles doesn't care if his former-turned-current starting quarterback is pissed off.

He wants to see results. For the first time since early September, Ryan Fitzpatrick is poised to deliver them.

It has less to do with the Browns' 31st-ranked defense than it does with FitzMagic himself. I saw a more cautious and careful quarterback play in relief of the injured Geno Smith last week. He released the ball earlier, and he didn't force throws to Brandon Marshall that weren't there. It felt like he was delivering a big middle finger to all his detractors, myself included. I like that.

Fitzpatrick can also lean on a resurgent Matt Forte in Week 8. His 154 total yards last week signaled a shift in the way Chan Gailey is calling the offense. Finally, it might be run first and back-shoulder fades later.
Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst
Pick: Jets, 17-16Could this be the Browns' first win? No, unfortunately not. Who is playing quarterback? Potentially Josh McCown? Kevin Hogan? The latter performed admirably last Sunday, particularly with his legs (see: seven carries for 104 and a score), against a defense ill-prepared to confront his abilities. But those legs wouldn't catch the Jets by surprise. And New York's weakness is the secondary, anyway. That's an area McCown would be able to exploit, in theory. If he doesn't start or gets knocked out of the contest again -- as has been the narrative for Browns QBs this season -- it's unclear what kind of passer Hogan could be with such little preparation as an NFL starter. But hey, Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a dozen years to prep and he's been somewhere south of terrible for the bulk of this season. So there's that.

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