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Game 2 vs. Pats: Good, Bad or Just Unusual?

Some of us today are cheering: Yeah, the Patriots in the home opener again! Let's get Brady and company early! Some of us are jeering: The Pats in the home opener again? What's up with that, NFL?

Whichever punctuation marks you prefer on this, it is highly unusual that one NFL team plays another in four consecutive home openers, as the Jets found out Tuesday night that they will do on Sept. 20 when the New England Patriots return to the Meadowlands.

In fact, since the 1970 merger, this is the first time such a 4-for-4 has been scheduled. The last two instances occurred back in the swingin' Sixties: In the American Football League, the Denver Broncos hosted the Boston Patriots from 1966-69 (losing three of four), and in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers opened at home with the Giants from 1960-63 (splitting, 2-2).

Playing the same team in three straight home openers is rare enough. Since the 1960 birth of the AFL, it occurred only eight times (not including the above two matchups) before the Jets fell in their 19-10 moat against Matt Cassel and the Patriots in Game 2 last year. Here are those eight teams and how they fared in those home lidlifters:

 Home Team Visiting Team Seasons Record
 St. Louis Cardinals New York Giants 1960-62 0-3
 Washington Cleveland 1964-66 0-3
 Dallas New York Giants 1965-68 3-0
 Atlanta San Francisco 1969-71 3-0
 San Diego Oakland 1978-80 2-1
 Seattle San Diego 1978-80 0-3
 Minnesota Detroit 1994-96 3-0
 Chicago Detroit 2004-06 2-1

So the Jets aren't alone in losing three consecutive home openers to the same team. But they need to get things together early this season to decisively snap that streak.

I'd be interested to hear whether you think it's a good thing or a bad thing that the NFL has sent the Patriots to the Jets every year since 2006. Do the schedulemakers know precisely what sells and what will get Jets fans juiced up for the home sked ahead? Or can't they think of a better first foe at home than the Pats?

It'll take your mind off Josh Freeman, Darrius Heyward-Bay, Beanie Wells, et al., just for a while.

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